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AymericTheNightmare's L4D2 Favorite Stuff
Collection by AymericTheNightmare
AymericTheNightmare's L4D2 Favorite Stuff
Fox dead playlist
Collection by KeyNote
It's for stupid LAN sillines.
Left 4 Dead 2
Collection by NGNL | Seigo (勝利)
cancerous weeaboo pack for suicidal teenagers
Collection by V O I D
do you want to kill yourself, but at least go out with a bang? by which i mean play games then silently hang yourself? then this is the pack for YOU!
Adam's collection
Collection by Adam Jensen, Slayer of Gods
Touch my butt
kirby's left 4 dead 2 collection
Collection by kasumi.kirby
My favorite Anime addons :3
Collection by [CHDS]Kurumi™
Just a Anime collection :33
Montiblanc's LFD2 Mod Combo
Collection by Montiblanc
gathered a combo of mods to use from some awesome workshop modders (includes third person shoulder view mod which u hav to press alt to turn on/off but it muffles shotguns) had to replace a few coz they caused consistency conflicts ( for ppl who wont b...
l4d2 mods
Collection by Jade Harley
Yolo Strats on God 4 Jesus
Collection by arachi33
I do what I want
L4D2 Mods
Collection by Kåin©
Stuff I found for L4D2
Merry mess of animu
Collection by Pixxel
Collection by Aloha Snackbar
No munnie
Collection by Superopa
Ay yo Wher tha wite wmoen at
Collection by Da_maul
this is a pack imma send to a friend but ya can use it if ya likee
Loli 4 Dead 2
Collection by Quote,the Bot
Lolis,Lolis,Everylugar and Zuera of course!
Panty and Stocking! (L4D2)
Collection by Chase
It's Panty and Stocking, for those of you who have watched the anime already it needs no descreption. For those of you who haven't, go check it out :D! These items are for L4D2
Collection by |DoMix aka. Otaku<3
Some L4D2 mods
Weaboo Ocelot
Collection by Sayaka Miki
Just for me and my faggot friends
L4D2 Stuff
Collection by EgN| Kharn |TU| 420M
Good stuff.
Collection by Grand Couturier (◕‿◕✿)
Ashley's probably drug enduced addon pack
Collection by ☭Soviet Hornet🐝
this will give you a good laugh
Collection by Ondush
My Collection
Collection by Nine-Ball
Take a gander~
sitttttttt down
Collection by Johnny "Big Bow" Lebowski
what color is this dress
Collection by tmlemieux3
Dank Mods
Collection by MaskedChaosky
Friend Stuff
Collection by Napoleon Bananas
Just friend things.
Favourite mods
Collection by Nymphonomicon
Favourite mods from Left 4 Dead and/or Left 4 Dead 2.
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