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Realistic collection
Collection by Hagrush
Everything is compatible and tested. Enjoy!
Better 4 Dead (Good, Without Lag)
Collection by ReNoS
(MODS ARE NOT MINE) Want better weapons and sounds? Here you go! Want to make your bots can do something? Here you go! Want better skies, menu, HUD and Zoey? Here you go! Want better gameplay? Here you go! Want to hack? He--- No, get out! This col...
Collection by Sir.JJ
Better look for L4D2
Collection by T3kKR0-Sick
I assume no liability.This modpack is just there to make your game look better and make it more enjoyable.Already tested all Add-ons, they do work with each other. I DID NOT MAKE THE MODS,ALL CREDIT GOES TO THE MAKERS
Collection by Sir.JJ
Military ModPack
Collection by ex33s1
Collection by Turd Strike
Collection by Kneh
Uninstalling L4D, keeping the addons
Collection by unfrosted
D.v.C's CS:GO collection
Collection by DJ_von_CAHEK
Just in case I'm gonna go grazy about CS:GO again.
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