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Left 4 Dead 2 Gamenight
Collection by: The Legendtaker
Game Night
L4D2 Server Pack
Collection by: Jay
This isn't for you.
Collection by: GHOST<3
Spacktacular - A Horror Collection
Collection by: Tyran
A collection of horror/scary mods for Left 4 Dead 2. Testimonials: "3spooky5me" -Bill Gate "I had a dream, a dream that Left 4 Dead 2 was scary. And this collection accomplished that dream." -Carl Sagan "Spacktacular- the final frontier" -S...
Collection by: Breacher
Collection by: [IV] Moregano
Mods that make the game super cool
Collection by: Kannibal
A collection for use when playing with Cardinal Gamers group.
Cholmes266 Good mods
Collection by: Bill Nye Your Mom's A Guy
A mishmash of mods, no sub to all button cuz they conflict, but are still awesome to mix and mash
Dracrius L4D2 Weapons, Players and Zombies
Collection by: Dracrius
My Favorite Weapons, Players and Zombies
Package for the drevs
Collection by: Ludvink | GnR
Collection by: Bill Nye Your Mom's A Guy
Updated mod list for friends
SPBET (Special Purpose Biohazard Extermination Team)
Collection by: [Cafe]Sentinel
Below you will find mods/add-ons that will make up the SPBET Unit, include infected skins, weapon retextures, survivor retextures, and some other items.
Collection by: SuperGamePlayerDoge
[RMK] diemon's server pack
Collection by: [R&D]diemon™
Collection by: April O'Neal
l4d 2 mods
Collection by: BZH Aleksandr
Random Shenanigans
Collection by: Demon
Collection by: moomoo173rulz
Bessy's Left 4 Dead 2 collection
Collection by: Kermit E. Frog
Random shit.Thats all I have to say
ZombiePrey's L4D2 Server Addons
Collection by: ZombiePrey
Более стремный, менее комичный Left 4 Dead 2
Collection by: Bobr
first time colection
Collection by: dictionary_slayer
it's cool :)
stuff i use
Collection by: Murphachino
Left 4 Dead mods for friends
Collection by: YourFatRival
a collection of mods to share with friends and other users on Left 4 Dead.
left for dead 2 collection of monsters
Collection by: Lord Annatarn
monster time!
anime lfd2
Collection by: athas
OGNerds Lovely Pack
Collection by: OGNerd
Pack of mods for a lp
latest collection
Collection by: Lord Annatarn
da new one
Admiral Larino's personal favorite mods.
Collection by: Admiral Larino
A simple collection of Left 4 Dead 2 mods that I personally use and enjoy.
Collection by: The Larch
This makeing my clue rage
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