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Brütal Legend Weapons
Collection by Chet
Eddie from Double Fine's Brütal Legend has lent us a few weapons to help in our battle against zombies that don't respect the rock.
Left 4 Metal [Brutal Legend]
Collection by Uncle F3AR
A collection of mods that turn Left 4 Dead 2 into Brutal Legend
-=Left 4 (saltwort) Dead 2=-
Collection by -=PA=- Colonel Devastator
Different interesting modifications will here. Something as far as possible they will be added or removed. I use these modifications in a game. All authors and their creations - are on the right! And i thank them for it!
A Game of Cages
Collection by Mad_Guitarman_Josh
Collection by LethalGoat
Collection just to get our local playgroup in sync.
Collection by Otsiphem
Collection by tell your password to anyone.
this is my collection. go away
SMT Recommended Mods
Collection by Night Call
These are the mods we will be using when playing together. Super Mega Turbo game time! Prepare to suck...
L4D2 the way it was meant to be played
Collection by possumgumbo
DEFINITELY how you should play it.
uber and friend pack
Collection by Commander Pony
shit for you guys
MR Steve Rox Mega Mods
Collection by MR Steve Rox
Left 4 dead 2 funny collections!!
Collection by Landfighter777
Just another addon for friends so more funny things can happen in Left 4 dead 2 :P
Random L4D2 pack
McLean's Maniacal Madcap Mod Mayhem!
Collection by Ben McLean
You may have missed many mods. Moreover, maybe you've misspent multiple minutes minutely monitoring Workshop's massive mall of mind-boggling masterpieces, only to muse that you were manipulated into meandering through mounds of mediocre manure for milleni...
Collection by Bear It
I strived to make this game the most ridiculous game ever using these mods, enjoy (has not been tested yet)
jakes creepy modpack
Collection by harbinger of fetuses
this is for jake and his modding needs
Top Kekes L4D2 Mods
Collection by Killer Kekes
My Faves
Collection by perhac18
All the addons I love for Left 4 Dead
Collection by Satan
Collection by Dominus
Rioclaws L4D2 required collection
Collection by Bedmonster
For anyone playing L4D2 with me
Seeking to Seize
Collection by Dual the Sol
Just to back up and or let people see how I set up my game.
Collection by Praetorian
A lot of good stuff.
Collection by FARTER
L4D2 Mods
Collection by The Original Xray18
My personal collection of Left 4 Dead 2 modifacations. *REMINDER* Some of these will not work together, so make sure to use your favorite mods 1 at a time, if marked red!
Random Shenanigans
Collection by Demon
Collection by LuUZnY
Agrivation's LFD2 mod's
Collection by Agrivation [EGP]
All of the mods i have installed on my Left for dead 2.
Kes's Left for Sparkles: The Magic-ing
Collection by Orbital Phoenix
Magic Super Funtimes Chocolate covered mods of Awesome. Mods for the MOD GOD!
Collection by シセル Shiseru
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