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Ozzy's maps and shit
Collection by Ozymandias#Can'tPlayShit
dont worry about it
My collection of strange items
Collection by Level 300 Mudkip
Chances Collection
Collection by ChancexlanD
Levels Hud Lasers
IKU's collection
Collection by MokHyang
collection for my friends
Collection by WarsawWarrior
ill shank ye nan
Weeb god
Collection by Bukkake Bastard
Collection by ČЫЧΣŹÍ(⌒‿⌒)
Salty Left 4 Dead 2 Mods
Collection by Seddi
The mods Seddi uses for her Salty Gamer stream on Twitch and YouTube!
Donars Mapsammlung
Collection by Decay
Zusammenstellung von einigen Kampagnen. Ich habe keines dieser Mods erstellt, nur zusammengestellt!
Sikksens L4D2 Pack
Collection by Moonraker
The current mod's I am using in Left 4 Dead 2
AllGames - Left4Dead2
Collection by [iT]imCEASER
Collection by Kellet | Shadow Walker
some adddons
Theft 4 Dead
Collection by G4BR1EL
Collection by Count Chocula
Skuttle's spookssss
Collection by Skuttle_Bucket
Lolo Pindolo
Collection by EloVIOP
Sateriok's Collection
Collection by Sateriok
Just what I use. Lots of Campaigns.
Rit's L4D2 Collection
Collection by ゾッラ Ritsu λ -Sleeping
Stuff I like
Collection by MrBKnight
Left for Dead 2 Mods
Map and Campains
Collection by Lochenhofenberg
Custom campaigns and maps
Collection by Sogeking
left 4 dead 2
Collection by soul丶will
Collection by DJ4everkill[DK]
it's only for my friend but you can use it too :p
That's So Infected
Collection by Bump
Some more things I put together for a future Left 4 Dead 2 server. You know the deal, update, favorite, play. -That's So Descriptive
Connor's Left 4 Dead LAN collection EXTRAVAGANZA!!!!
Collection by A Satirical Dalek
A collection of my favorite mods for use at the world famous basment LAN parties! For private use but feel free to sub if you're looking for some good mods and don't actually have any idea what I'm talking about!
Die Ultra Collection
Collection by [MM]Dropkick
Nur für die Besten
Craps Maps'n Mods
Collection by Crap {N}
Fro the people I play l4d2 with to subscribe to so we all have the same maps
Collection by Lazyface
Just a collection to help my friends find all the maps and items I'm using.
Left 4 Dead 2 Custom Map Collection
Collection by balr0g
gabe newell for world leader
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