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cool shiznit
Collection by: Hydroarsonist
Left 4 Awesome
Collection by: Titan
My go-to mods. I enjoy this pack because it's a fun mixture of cool guns, interested SI mods, and designed to be more about stuff I found generally awesome vs any particular theme.There is only one mod that I use in this pack outside of what's listed on s...
L4D2 Definitive Essential Mods
Collection by: trueMOJ
This collection includes everything that makes the default game definitively better, like: -Improved Textures -Improved HUD -Improved Bots -And more There's no weapon or skin modifications in this collection, since there's no HD/Improved version for ...
Inrix's Mappack [BIG]
Collection by: ˙·٠•● Sir lᴎʀıᶍ ●•٠·˙
This is a Collection of Maps/Campaings That I have found... A note that this is quite a big pack of maps and the download is atleast 5Gb If you intend to download the entire pack... However It has ALOT of maps... Which is something I couldnt seem to f...
Left 4 Dead 2: Ultimate HD Pack
Collection by: [CGX]JonaaaGamer
My First HD Pack Collection, Enjoy!
the fun has been doubled!
Collection by: jesusnuts2009
a random assortment of addons for left 4 dead 2
L4D2 - Replacement Mod Collection (better Graphics, Blood etc.)
Collection by: Jaxx/ie
Collection of (HD) replacement Graphics, Mods, Skins and improvments to the L4D2 World. Thx and honor to all Modmakers!
L4D2 HD Remix & Map Pack
Collection by: Grady Vuckovic
This collection contains: - HD versions of existing game assets, including characters, enemies, items, maps, etc. - Commonly used map addons, or improvements to existing maps. - Improvements to game UI and behaviour. The goal is to create a colle...
AymericTheNightmare's L4D2 Favorite Stuff
Collection by: AymericTheNightmare
AymericTheNightmare's L4D2 Favorite Stuff
Collection by: komando
Luna Server Required material
Collection by: theblackwidower
I'm not sure what this is yet. I'm working on it.
Ol' Left 4 Derp-a-llection!
Collection by: DalekFamp
Hello there, fellow zombie-slayer, veteran or n00b, today I present to you a collection! None of these items were made by me, but they ARE used by me, subbed by me and favourited by me! Now, some you may like, some you may hate, so go right ahead and cho...
Fox dead playlist
Collection by: KeyNote
It's for stupid LAN sillines.
Grampzi's Ulimtate L4D2 Mod Collection
Collection by: Grampzi
All credit goes to mod creaters. This is just a big collection of all the mods i have gathered over time, hope you like!.
FoxTech's Collection v2.1.0
Collection by: [FOX] FoxTech
^^^^^^^\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/^^^^^^^ FoxTech's Collection: Introduction *********************************************************** A mix of all my favorite mods for Left 4 Dead 2 that are all compatible with each othe...
Divers #1
Collection by: TGRSEB73
Collection 1
To Kelmer With Love.
Collection by: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Mr.White
A collection of my mods.
Reapers Ultimate Collection
Collection by: ☠Grim_Reaper☠
Just the mods i use hope you all like :) Just hit (subscribe to all) :)
Collection by: Spitfire
Workshop items used by the LasPegasus team. All credit to the respective owners of each item.
Jacob´s Mod Madness
Collection by: Veverčák
Tyto mody používám při hraní Left 4 Dead 2 a musím říct, že mi mé hraní velmi zpříjemnily. Díky autorům!!
The Awesome Collection
This collection will bring the most awesome things into 1 collection. This will include skins, canpiagns, guns, CI replacement, SI (specail infected) replacement, and so much more. If you are looking for a collection that only have awesome stuff in it we...
I recommend these L4D mods
Collection by: Mortis Probati
This is a list of mods that I use and think are a must have for everyone, enjoy!
Xok's L4D2 Favourites
Collection by: Xok
Collection of addons that I like or interest me. NOTE: I do not own and I did not create the collection pictures.
Critico Negativo
Collection by: un nickname più carino
Collezione privata di gioco per il gruppo di Critico Negativo
pendra real
Collection by: [Jusqu'à l'OS] supinfocom451
real texture mod weapons
My L4D2
Collection by: TinyBison
For me and my Friends
Rob's Realism Pack.
Collection by: rob.cayton
This is a collection of mods for Left 4 Dead 2. In my opinion, these mods add realism to the game, along with some HD textures with higher resolutions. I've included some Character skins that I think give a fresh outlook and new personality to the AI.
Collection by: Wiggles
Collection by: Popluid
Alio's Enhanced L4D Military Conversion
Collection by: DG| Alio
-Updated December 2013- Added more MODS! Pistol variations including dual silenced pistols, revamped auto shotgun, silenced sniper rifle w/wo, Black Digi Camo SCAR, plenty of new melee weapons including a personal favorite.. the Hammer. New witch, mudme...
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