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Pollón soltero!!!!!!!!!!!
Collection by: OldLupus
Cosas varias raras
FIB 4 Dead
Collection by: Stärsky
Meine Lobby c:
Collection by: Sharcey鮫電子私
Some Kawaiii Shit
Collection by: RITZ QUEK ♡
Love all the items here! Make my eyes happy hehe
My Serious Mod Collection
Collection by: ℐℎℯ sᴇʀɪᴏᴜs Soul
All the mods I use in L4D2 Made for people who want to sync their mods with mine. Made for people who would like the same mode experience as me.
Stuff....and things
Collection by: Count Chocula
sick MÄPS
Collection by: Peeedie
L4D2 The Way It Should Be
Collection by: Sèamus MacLeòid
My personal collection of various L4D2 mods which makes the game look, feel and play the way I think it should instead of basic vanilla style.
Collection by: Libbaz
i made itfor my buddy so yeah :P
My L4D2 Mods
Collection by: dogmatic (DONT CLICK THE LINK)
Yamson L4D2 Modpack
Collection by: [12e] JamJam Turns Up
My L4D2 Essential Mods
Collection by: JollyBear
Lycaon's L4D2 history
Collection by: Lycaon™
Mods that i use.
Collection by: Whitewithrice
Left 4 Dead 2025
Collection by: Peak
Adds futuristic weapons and skins for that "futuristic" feel. Enjoy!
Left for dead Survivals
Collection by: Bytme
Pile of Survival maps
Stuff that im using (L4D2)
Collection by: The God of Chins
Brentashun's Shit
Collection by: Brentenshire
For friends
Collection by: Sareth
some text
Left 4 Awesome
Collection by: The Pinball Thief
My go-to mods. I enjoy this pack because it's a fun mixture of cool guns, interested SI mods, and designed to be more about stuff I found generally awesome vs any particular theme.There is only one mod that I use in this pack outside of what's listed on s...
great designs
Collection by: Who?
parrapoopers L4D2 mod collection
Collection by: Forrix
mods used by me and friends for L4D2
postsnivy's pack
Collection by: Hodor
Drunkie's L4D2 Mod Pack
Collection by: Kaze735
Just a random mod pack I will use with friends on my local server I host.
Collection by: jakubsmetka
Estos mapas deben bajar si ustedes quieren jugar
Collection by: AlexanderPhoeniX
Bajen chicos estos
ExonDerp's Custom Modpack for Youtube
Collection by: ExonDerp
Check out my channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIEYaKCFiJboiQ2C7dY0wkQ Enjoy!
Feldspar Five's Zimbabwe Vacation Kit
Collection by: Mr. Smooth Goose
**REQUIRED** http://www.mediafire.com/download/ylr3lcrh909bw10/Balrog_Charger.rar extract this .rar to C:\Program Files\Steam\, say yes to all overwritten files. **NOTICE** You will not be able to join most dedicated servers with these mods due to t...
Left 4 Soup
Collection by: jacobthing
This is for my compadres and encased inside this file are some pretty neat mods I think they will enjoy. (Zac don't be a jerk download this atleast)
Anime and Stuff
Collection by: Raito-senpai
I don't own any of this mods, I made this collection so you colud enjoy this mods like I do. These are not all mods, some mods i own are not available on steam workshop. BTW, some mods are conflicting.
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