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Collection by: Agent ShortBus
Collection by: Protato
NiCsOLeFOU Maps&Campaign
Collection by: <<NiCsO>> **LeFOU**
NiCsOLeFOU Maps&Campaign
Collection by: Dovahkeith
jerrick get it
Collection by: † DOVGLAS FIR †
Cool Stuff
Collection by: Rub3z
This is a collection of some of the best mods I like to use. Some of this stuff is basically required, highly recommended material that will greatly improve your L4D2 experience, whilst most others are just some really shiny-looking skins and the like. En...
Fun Stuff
Collection by: Rub3z
Fun stuff! What more do you need to know? It says it in the title of the collection. It is a collection of fun stuff. Subscribe to these like I have and you're well on your way to HAVING FUN!!!! ***IMPORTANT NOTE*** The lightsaber mod, sadly, is not...
Teh Emerald's collection
Collection by: Teh Emerald
Collection by: Lg | Ronin
Minaxters Awesome Pack
Collection by: Minaxter
Helms Deep, Starship troopers bugs, increase zombie cap, more blood/dismemberment. Alice, Masterchief, predator and Deadpool
My personal mods
Collection by: Typhoon
mods that I use
KingPhilipMetacomet's Collection
Collection by: Leonardo Decapabro
My mods.
best mods
Collection by: Bill Nye the Nazi Spy
just mods
L4D2 my collection
Collection by: DarkSlayerEX
Left 4 Zoey
Collection by: Ant.py
Cool stuff found in the Steam Workshop ;)
Zexion's Collection For Friends
Collection by: Judge Magistrate Zexion
A Little Collection Of Mods For my friends so we have the same mods.
Sugar's L4D2 collection
Collection by: Guidan
I like having some cool skins that make things cool and stuff
L4D2 Mods I Use.
Collection by: sukè
A collection of my current mods. I do not claim these are my own, and these are simply here to keep others up to date on which files I use.
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