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Add-ons yissss
Collection by endlesssssssss
Various HDR skins, maps, weapons, etc
Left 4 Dead mods for friends
Collection by YourFatRival
a collection of mods to share with friends and other users on Left 4 Dead.
Collection by onenewnail
Ну вот.
All of the mods I use -_-
Collection by imnrk
This is a semi-complete overhaul. Replaces all the survivors, weapons, infected, and partials for everything else. The point of this collection is to make your game really weird.
Fart Bubbles
Collection by I Identify as Twizzlerkin
i lovejesus
left 4 dead
Collection by B-DUBZ
Collection by oOoReYzeRoOo
Vixen's L4D2 Mods
Collection by Kaydoe
Mods i use when i play. Sandy download this >.>
Microbolt's Dedicated Server Left 4 Dead 2 Maps
Collection by Microbolt
Collection of maps hosted on Microbolt's Dedicated Server
Our fun collection
Collection by Turbo
UG messabout
Collection by [UG] Amm1992
l4d2 helms
Collection by pointlessletters
Left 4 Dead 2 Packs
Collection by Drerius
For Abby and Sam
Collection by Pink Guy
for you guys
L4D2 Co-Op Maps
Collection by Faceless Void
Collection by akacinari21
L4D2 mods
Collection by I Scream At Mice With MyShirtOff
lft 4 ded 2 shiet
Collection by Echo
sheit for left 4 ded 2 i own none of dis
Top Kekes L4D2 Mods
Collection by Killer Kekes
Blargh Collection
Collection by <CH> F R O Z I K
Collection of maps for my friends.
Campaigns I like
Collection by LukeH117
Jack's Shit Pack of Stuff and Packs
Collection by Jack Mouse
This is my stupid ass mod pack full of random shit. Don't download it. Or else. squeak squeak.
L4D2 Mod Collection
Collection by Exterminatus
Collection by Shimo Istalri
Custom maps for the L.U.C
Collection by Sir Heisltschick
Left 4 Diversity
Collection by The Graveyard Gamer
If you have the means and like a little diversity in your game. Pick this!
He dead!
Collection by Tom Orrow
Da im jebem mater!
OG Nerds Super Cogscaps LFD2 Mod Pack
Collection by OGNerd
Michael's random batch of random mods
Collection by [TWC] An Abundance Of Cringe
Collection by da penguin Sin✪n ↖(^ω^)↗
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