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Containing item: "-Helms Deep- Reborn"
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Ultimate Helms Deep Collection
Collection by: Dessal
Collection of the best mods to use with the Helms Deep Reborn map. Some of these mods can cause consistency errors, so make sure to disable them when you want to play vanilla Left 4 Dead 2 online.
random lfd2 collection
Collection by: stupifier
a bunch of random mods that replace almost everything in the game
Mr. Muffins way of playing L4D2
Collection by: Mr. Muffin's, the One True God
This is the way that I, Mr. Muffins, the One True God, ment L4D2 to be played.
Enster's Collection
Collection by: Enster
Just Stuff
The kewl l4d2
Collection by: UnDeadxxSpartan
Left 4 Dead 2 Stuff
Collection by: 『SIR』Little_Guts
Left 4 dead stuff
L4D2 Mods
Collection by: legitlycool
Collection by: ViPxNaThAn831
Collection by: B0LT
Just an experimental mod pack this may work.. maybe...
This is not the modpack you are looking for
Collection by: B0LT
Survival map's
Collection by: KipTheArgonian
Some maps that are good.
Ghost USE
Collection by: TheSpaceFleet
Collection by: Velocicraptor
L4D2 mods for friends
Collection by: [TCG] jhbutler
L4D2 Thing
Collection by: Fluffy_Mcquacks
Collection by: goofyboygonebad
Collection by: goofyboygonebad
JazzHandz's Collection of fun
Collection by: JazzHandz
The mods i have installed that you should too to have a fun time.
dick butt
Collection by: BananaNutSurprise
Left 4 Dead
Collection by: redracer1411
Lo Wang's No Space for Swag Collection
Collection by: StalkingEmu
All of your modding needs brought to you by the same minds that made Emu Wars, Galaga vs the TMNT, Halo: Big Balls Edition! I'll have you know that your Steam Profile has a 47% chance to be violated if you download this collection. To conclude... WHY DID ...
L4D2 Mods
Collection by: ChazMitch
Much stuff
Collection by: Fridge Ghost
Makka Pakka my ass
One for Multiplayer
Collection by: DoctorBatman
For my multiplayering
For You Connor
Collection by: Gallahadnt
For my friend
My mods
Collection by: Just call me Bear
Collection by: DrGadget
2 much sweg 4 u (probably)
Left 4 Horrible
Collection by: Arkandy
Random's Collection
Collection by: Random Anomaly
Collection by: Goofy Goober
-Helm's deep campain -Uruk hai common infected -Troll tank
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