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für Bundy
Collection by: [Saec]Ortthewec[Ger]
Spooky Halloween Mods
Collection by: Lim Lam Santa Slam
A Collection of mods you can add to your Left 4 Dead 2 to guarantee a 100 % spookier experience or your sanity back.
Left For Dead 2 Zombies
Collection by: A Chubby Panda
A cool collection of models for zombies that are based from creatures in games. Maker of mods:: Splinks
Halloween Zombie Time
Collection by: Aeonian
pew pew skdoosh
Doshirak&co's collection
Collection by: [Alt+F4]DoшиpakM@N v1.8
This one changes pretty everything in left 4 dead 2(new specials(skins'n sounds), new weapons(same thing), some hd textures and other stuff) P.S. don't hurry to play instantly after you load L4D, let the addons load(it will take 1-5 mins)
Collection by: Pikhou
Planet of the Collection Revolution
Collection by: Comander555666
My favourites for L4D2 ps: Stefan
Random Mods Collection
Collection by: jm3107
Collection with all the random stuff you need
Collection by: -=Я.G=- Capitão Jack Spearow
Хрень :D
Collection by: Cat :3
Для друзей! :D
Mike's L4D2 Collection
Collection by: △LoneWolf▽
Left4Zoeira BETA 1.0
Collection by: hclistenes
Just collecting random anime/geek and crazy themes. Creating this collection so my friends can use all of this crazy MODs, and you guys from Steam too. ^--^
Horror-Like Mods
Collection by: *Mute
A collection of mods to make Left for Dead a little bit scarier.
Rockstar Collections
Collection by: CryStorm
Kolekcja wybranych modyfikacji dodających postacie z gier Rockstar Games.
The Walking Dead Collections
Collection by: CryStorm
Kolekcja wybranych modyfikacji dodających motywy The Walking Dead (The Game)
Zombieklatsche 2.0
Collection by: Luzifer
random shit
Collection by: cubanojones
Campaigns for Co-op with Friends
Collection by: Gaveroid
This is a collection of campaigns for me and my friends to play in co-op. Just subscribe, so whenever you play L4D2 with me we all have the same campaigns! Send me a Steam message if any of you guys want me to add more. (NOTE: Anybody who pleases can d...
Collection by: Brodo McSwaggerton
left 4 shrek
Collection by: Burn3dRobot
Для лука
Collection by: Foxy
weapon collection
Collection by: chadwiiock
for my friends
The HoldOut Collection
Collection by: ✔ ToastyTV ✔
I put this together so instead of searching just click one button and these pop in ur game! Exclusive BarricadeBuilder included with every Subscription! Credits to: Heart of Darkness for all maps Ada Wong Voikanaa and aaronlink127 /̵͇̿̿/'̿'̿ ...
Vince Vaughn
Collection by: Zaber
Vince Vaughn
The Aliens Collection by Nicky P
Collection by: Nicky P
Play like the movie
wot m8
Collection by: Donald the Twin Engine
Collection by: AHappyShadow
Collection by: (A Rather Festive)Cowsus™
Left 4 Dead 2: The Future
Collection by: Xeno$niper
I chose to change the theme of L4D2 to be more futuristic, with different characters, zombies, weapons, and more! Some things i couldn't change to look more futuristic so i went with something different for some things. Hope you enjoy! :D
Spooky Scary Skeletons
Collection by: LabRat
Some time in the 6th century an organisation called the Knights Of Glory was created to defeat man's greatest enemy, that enemy is the skeletons. Years have past and this hidden war was fought between them but now in (Insert Year here) man's greatest enem...
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