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Emperor Minilla's HD Left 4 Dead 2 Collection
Collection by Emperor Minilla
A list of my favorite visual mods on the internet. Unfortnunately, some mods on this list are not in the workshop such as the Spas http://www.gamemaps.com/details/6471 Scar http://www.gamemaps.com/details/4844 Grenade Launcher http://www.gamemaps.com/d...
L4D1/2 Helmet Voice Filters
Collection by Jon-Nobo
A collection of all the Helmet Voice Filter packs I've made, for ease of download.
Killing Floor Campaign Intros
Collection by JackRabbit
By far my largest project and I really like it! A set of all of the offical campaigns replaced with music from Killing Floor. Click "subscribe to all" to download them all at once for the full experience! All music used is made by Tripwire Interactive....
"Beta" Left 4 Dead Gameplay
Collection by doomddtb
Here I've created a list of add-ons that work well together in creating a somewhat beta feel to Left 4 Dead (Playable in L4D2).
Bionicle Mods
Collection by Demonic Labrys
All the Mods that are involved with Bionicle :)
Melee HUD Icons
Collection by CCPD
A collection of quality custom HUD icons for melee weapons.
Anime / Video Game Flashlights
Collection by Nate Almighty
A collection of Anime (mostly) & video game Flashlights *These are really fast to make so just request if you want one, try to keep them pretty appropriate ;) *Will be adding more in the future.
Collection by Naamin~
Just a collection to pimp out your l4d2 to make it Touhou~! :D
Captain Condescending's Ultimate Mod Pack 2015
Collection by Captain Condescending
Collection of retextures, maps, scripts and general modifications to make L4D2 as good as it can be. All Items work together. Any reported conflicts do not affect gameplay. Works best with "Mr Funeral's Particle Mod" from http://www.gamemaps.com/det...
Adrerith's Music Mods
Collection by Âdrerith Ŵedlin
Hey there! I'll be making so many sound mods for Left 4 Dead 2, it'll be hard to find them all! So I'm making this here collection for easy find and subscribing. I'll update this with each mod I create. Don't forget to follow me, and rate up my mods, AND ...
Crysis Weapon Sound Collection
Collection by CyberMan1011
Weapon sound mods I've made that include sounds from the Crysis series go here.
Classic L4D1 Transformation Pack
Collection by Duel Rab 1310
This transformation pack will give the look and feel of Left 4 Dead 1 to this version of L4D2. It will not entirely look like it, but it's close and I enjoy it and I want to share it with you.
Guns and Explosives HUD Icons
Collection by CCPD
A collection of quality custom HUD icons for guns and explosives.
L4D2 Training
Collection by lloyd
Training as and against special infected
L4D - L4D2 Backgrounds
Collection by The Unknown
Alyx Pack
Collection by Maize the Gardevoir ❤
Has files related to Alyx.
Titanfall HUD Icons
Collection by CCPD
A collection of quality custom HUD icons for Titanfall weapons.
Tя!cky's HD Items ツ
Collection by Tя!cky ツ
HD Miscellaneous world items... some are animated
L4D2: Essential Visual Enhancements 2.7
Collection by |B4ST4RDS| BØṄΞS
Overhauling a game with mods can be an intimidating process, but the only thing you really need in order to make L4D2 shine is check this collection. Here is our list of the best graphical mods to use that will drastically improve your experience. (The...
Collection by KITE <3
Halo HUD Icons
Collection by CCPD
A collection of quality custom HUD icons for Halo weapons.
Meme World
Collection by Aerial Ace FiM
Just a collection of random bullshit.
Scar-kun's collection of L4D2 anime mods
Collection by 『 Scar-kun 』
Just some randome anime mods, there's a little bit of every thing, i keep adding things to this... so come back and there might be more things here, i dont own any of these mods so.... yea
Half-Life 2 Pack
Collection by Techno Pyro
The Pack adds a bunch of Half-Life 2 mods and maps to Left 4 Dead 2 It contains: - 3 maps: City 17, Borealis and Ravenholm - 5 Gun replacing sounds - Replacing sounds for the Tank and the Horde - Death song: Black Mesa - Saferoom Background Music:...
HD and Better Graphics Pack
Collection by DareBear
This adds better textures and graphics to your items and the environment in Left 4 Dead 2.
L4D2: Military Edition
Collection by Davos
Well, L4D2 just enlisted for the army. The survivors are now ex-soldiers from the army, departing because, quote, "I hate training". They know about machine guns, assault rifles... basically more than enough to fight the undead. When the infection star...
L4D2 (Anime pers,weapons.often)
Collection by CaMo_ZJlO^.^
My Favorite Left 4 Dead 2 Mods
Collection by KrypTo 3000
My favorite mods for Left 4 Dead 2 that i thought were cool and wanted to share them with others in one convienient collection credits go to their respective owners
All Pistols First Person Animations Re-Made
Collection by Paysus
These are the animations I made for all of the pistols (Pistol, Dual Pistols, and the Magnum). They were originally all one pack.
Pokemon ORAS Survivor Pack
Collection by JazzMcNade
Replaces both survivor squads with Archie, Maxie, Steven, and Zinnia from Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire. Subscribe to all or pick and choose. All characters include: -Eye blink -Lip sync -FPS Arms -HUD and lobby icons -Jiggle bones where appro...
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