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Left 4 Service Corp.
Collection by: The Saddest Khajiit
A Collection of mods used to fight from the eyes of a UNSC squad trying to survive not only the zombie horde, but the Flood as well. Includes various weapons from Halo 2 to 4, HUD, sounds, Special Infected, Survivors, items, and posters. You will have to ...
Collection by: Seckro
Left 4 Dead 2 Add-ons
Collection by: Maximus
cody king kong
Collection by: rufernaiter556
cody and friend
Left 4 Dead 2: Halo Mods Collection
Collection by: KING
A massive collection of the best Halo Mods on the Steam Workshop! This collection includes every single Halo mod on the Steam Workshop for Left 4 Dead 2. It also includes various visual effects mods that will make the game feel more along the lines of Hal...
L4D2 HD/Reskin Overhaul
Collection by: [ELITE]DemonKing352™
This collection includes retextures for almost every weapon includeing guns and melee also hud icons for the reskins and HD character reskins, tranluesent heelicopter glass and a growing amount of HD textures for maps. All of the credits for these mods go...
left 4 shrek
Collection by: Burn3dRobot
Left for dead best mods
Collection by: Ferk Yerniceern
My collection of L4D mods
Collection by: Tя!cky ツ
Robot Nick Voice v.03 http://www.gamemaps.com/details/7383
Gala collection
Collection by: »Gala«
Glow in the Dark (Melee weapon pack)
Collection by: 휴휴
Glow in the Dark (Melee weapon pack) I think it is much more usable in realism mode or addon map which is too dark to find the items. I will add another melee weapons as soon as possible.
Consert Mods
Collection by: (Sky Paladin) bellmo (Bad Cpu)
A collection of mods that change the songs of the Dark Canival consert chapter.
Left 4 Dead 1 weapon animations collection
Collection by: Slartibartfast
A pack of all Left 4 Dead 1 weapon animations avaliable on the workshop Enjoy!
Guns/Explosives HUD Icons
Collection by: CCPD
A collection of quality custom HUD icons for guns.
L4D2 Pro collection
Collection by: Edy Nelson
L4D2 collection mods for versus mode
Super Ckagnazaroff Left 4 Dead Pack
Collection by: The Ckagnazaroff
Collection by: Salad
Here come the (un)dead cops! This is a collection of particularly notable PAYDAY stuff for Left 4 Dead 2 that I am aware of. Survivors, weapons, items and voice mods for the most part. All of the character mods will show conflicts in the add-ons men...
~For Friends~
Collection by: iiNFaMoUsZv2
Just for friends :D
Pokemon ORAS Survivor Pack
Collection by: JazzMcNade
Replaces both survivor squads with Archie, Maxie, Steven, and Zinnia from Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire. Subscribe to all or pick and choose. All characters include: -Eye blink -Lip sync -FPS Arms -HUD and lobby icons -Jiggle bones where appro...
Halo HUD Icons
Collection by: CCPD
A collection of quality custom HUD icons for Halo weapons.
Mark IV Style
Collection by: Agent Slacker the Janitor
All of the Mark IV Style Music Mod, now seperated so that they don't conflict with other mods.
Fashionably Silenceded Collection
Collection by: .Mach771$upern0va[✚]
Don't you get tired of annoying-blaring gun sounds with your headphones? Try These! Collection consist of Silenced Weapon Skins with Fashionable Clothes without changing the character's originality, for your convenience! Doesn't alter gameplay. I hope...
Hoxton Voice Pack (Nick)
Collection by: Noire
Did you miss me you Wankers? Payday 2 Hoxton will replace Nick Subscribe to all parts to replace all of Nicks audio with Hoxton Hoxton Skin in video by Salad
Tricky's Melee Weapons
Collection by: Tя!cky ツ
Katana ... Lightsaber... Bats ... Guitars
House of the Dead 2 (Left 4 Dead 2 Sound Pack)
Collection by: mega BLOKE
A collection of all of the HOTD2 soundpacks I've made. Enjoy! Also, if there are any other HOTD sound mods on the workshop, send me a link and I'll add them too. (I will give the creator full credit of course). All copyright for HOUSE OF THE DEAD be...
L4d2 Beta Collection
Collection by: Cry
These mods will change your game back to the version seen in the e3 beta l4d2 vids.
Collection by: Reshi
A collection of mods that aims to be an XCOM overhaul. Replaces all Left 4 Dead 2 infected with alien models, as well as sounds and other appropiate particles and textures. *Work In Progress - Common Infected > Sectoid Soldier - Hazmat > Sect...
SKJ L4D2 Map Collection
Collection by: ✪SuperKillJuul✪
This collection includes all maps I've ever made for L4D2! enjoy them! - = Removed + = Added ~ = Changed Latest update: +TheMighty4 will be added soon: -nothing in plan, any ideas? tell us in our steam group! http://steamcommunity.com...
Vinyl and Octavia gun collection (Camo?)
Collection by: StopAndSmile
Octavia or Vinyl weapons. Just like title says.
Collection by: Urik
This is my crosshair implementation for L4D2. It uses a material that's present in game by default and doesn't draw/never used. So you don't get a checkerboard texture if you choose to not use any crosshair. Also, it only draws for survivor hud. Have ...
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