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find ich cool
Collection by |ᶻᵖᶜ|™ღ hoɳεч ღ
AGentleman's Left 4 Dead Survivor Mods
Collection by AGentleman
This is a collection for all my Telltale related mods, mostly Walking dead Characters, and even Custom Telltale characters. It will also include sound packs for survivors, eventually. A list of Characters I want to mod into L4d2, all these characters are...
White weapons
Collection by hazy
White White White :D
Richard's Pistol Weapons Collection
Collection by Richard
==Items== 1.Dual Berettas Pistols(For Dual Pistols); 2.HK USP-S Silenced Pistol(For Pistol Magnum); 3.Desert Eagle Pistol(For Pistol Magnum); 4.Golden Revolver(For Pistol Magnum); ==Credits== Arby, Arby26, DoingGreat!, Lt. Rocky, Richard, Thanez, ...
[Alexo] Armas de fogo
Collection by Alexo
Todas as armas de fogo.
Battle Droid Mayhem
Collection by Demonic Labrys
L4D2 mods that contain the B1 Battle droids :D
Left 4 Dead 2 Training Maps
Collection by ⇢ André
collection of training maps
Spooky scary modpack
Collection by The happy cat-owner
Even after death, the war continues. In this collection, you are the 4 chosen ones, destined to fight the army of skeletons in the skeleton war. Do you have what it takes?
Team Fortress 2 Grenade Launcher Package
Collection by #trigger_hurt
The workshop collection for all of the Grenade Launcher replacements I've made.
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