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my installed items
Collection by MaKiBt
The Best of the Best
Collection by Quicksilver#
L4D2 - Best created mods (Textures, Skins, GUIs and Maps)
Collection by Seriox // CARD-IDLE
The Walking Dead Collection (Left 4 Dead 2)
Collection by Claire Redfield
The Walking Dead stuff and thangs now for LFD2! I know that there has already been a collection of TWD stuff for LFD2 but it looks like it's not getting updated anymore. Lilly was deleted from the workshop :( Items in this collection: Sounds Weapon...
L4D2 Funny Stuff
Collection by k4rnifex
Gargantuan group of guaranteed giggle-enducing grandeur.
R3's dumb collection
Collection by R3R4LJ
Custom campaigns and maps
Collection by Sogeking, King of Sniper Island
Blood Tracks Campaign
Collection by da.phreak
Blood Tracks created by Christopher Collini. Final version 3.1 4 Map campaign, new weapons, new music! Supports all modes including scavenge and survival
Bob's L4D2 Ultra Pack
Collection by I_Am_Bob224
Well, you are looking at this pack and reading what I am writing. Well as you can see in the name this pack is LARGE, but not to large. Yes I just said that. But anyways this pack is for people who want extra, no, a lot extra time playing this game. This ...
Collection by Kuzark
Brauchst du nicht zu verstehen
Collection by Captain Nougat
Collection by [MPH] [MCL] Sappin96
Left 4 Dead 2 MINECRAFT
Collection by Dragons_04_
This is a bunch of addons that make L4D2 like MINECRAFT!
Collection by Ѕeanϯ
Collection by 【JGFrey #44】
Shiny's Steampunk Collection
Collection by Cap'n Shiny
A small collection from a couple of different modders, consisting of mainly steampunk or steampunk-ish mods. They may conflict with eachother because I'm adding all of Steampunk mods to this collection for easy-access.
Collection by Me Pixel
Mods n shit
CoD Zombies collection
Collection by Moonwalker*
A collection of skins for Left for Dead 2 that remind us of the original Call of Duty Nazi Zombies. I made this collection for the Cod zombies fans. This collection is made from other peoples work and i thank them for it. I will update when i find more. ...
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