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current mods
Collection by: WillyPepper
jimmy <3
Meh Plug-In
Collection by: LuigiBros.
FPSPrussia's Addons
Collection by: FPSPrussia
Ammo cake
Collection by: OmegaUltima
Collection by: ANIALLATOR
Collection by: ANIALLATOR
Red's stash
Collection by: Redtachi
Redtachi's funn addons for friendly reference
Magma special infected
Collection by: OmegaUltima
JCraft L4D2
Collection by: [JCraft] joshh20
Appel`s mod pack
Collection by: PTKx_Appelstroedel2247
lekker spelen
Game Night of the Dead!!
Collection by: [Char]lemagne
Fairy Tail Collection
Collection by: Kami 'KAZE'
Collection of mods from the anime: the Tale of Fairy Tail it consist: End Credits Tank Music Escape Music and other!!!
FacelesAssassin L4D2 mod Pack
Collection by: John F. Kennedy
Funny mods for laugh and shock factor!
Collection by: John F. Kennedy
My Pack
Collection by: Manzo_97
Vinyl and Octavia gun collection
Collection by: StopAndSmile
Collection by: Wynter Payne (B-day in 4 days!)
Collection by: tylerkm2
Collection by: HoodyTheHooded
Sjaak's custom campagins (en misschien meer, woah)
Collection by: Takkun
Collection by: Gadget | jomo
Rikard's collection
Collection by: Rikard
Collection by: Pony-bot-4
Awesome Trio Gaming collection!
Collection by: MrMcMittens
Collection by: T팀
GC L4D2 10v10 Custom Campaigns
Collection by: JackieChan.gc
A custom campaign collection for use on gcftw.com's L4D2 10v10 servers.
Mark IV Style
Collection by: Agent Slacker
All of the Mark IV Style Music Mod, now seperated so that they don't conflict with other mods.
Bill-X's Hotdog Default Skins and sword pack
Collection by: Bill-X
Takes your H.D on a one way Heroin filled trip of nostalga with Nicky Sixx. Made to reduced lag from having two many skins and to make it easier to switch and delete previous skins. Gives back skins included in the hotdog slap pack and the maste...
Set 1
Collection by: BlackRockShooterV2
Set of mods for l4d2
Bill-X's Sord and Skins pack
Collection by: Bill-X
Extra Skins and a new sord to send you dog to the MOON! Made in a different collection for less lag, make sure to delete previous master sword to use a new sord.
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