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Broosevelt's Bully Favorites Collection
Collection by Theodore Broosevelt!
While a lot of these items are fairly current, many of these are excellent hats, miscs, and weapons just sitting in the back pages of the workshop collecting dust because Valve passed on them. This is a list of items, mainly from my favorites, that were ...
Team Fortress 2
Collection by Lying Cake
It is cool and not ordinary like any other weapon/misc/hat it has something that will sure make the game look nicier than before
Engineer's Wrench
Collection by ♫DJ ⋆ Reki ♬
BioShock Wrench let see engineer can lift it
The Medic's Inventory
Collection by MisteriosM
A dead Heavy is a useless Heavy. The same is true for all the other classes. This is why a Medic needs to be part of the crew. But with great power comes great responsibility. And inorder to furfill the expectations, to heal all the diffrent injuries he ...
zee best stuffs of tf2 x3
Collection by Peach Bloom Goldenshield
Zimmer Samling 11
Collection by Zimmer11dk
Samling med gode ting.
Collection by Atom Noizyboy
it will be a all new gear for the spy. the knife will shoot.
Stuff I need
Collection by SpeКtre
Must Adds for TF2
Collection by Righteous_Ruin
These are items that I want to see in TF2
Favorite Work Shop Items
Collection by Snowy <3
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