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Night of the Living Update 2
Collection by [Viet] Clover
Welcome to the unoffical collection for Night of the Living Update 2! Here you'll find all of the workshop pages for (most) the items that were in NotLU 2. Offical Thread: Start here: http://halloween.t...
The Straw-Stuffed Stitch-Up
Collection by >>--The Heartsman--->
This collection is for the straw-stuffed mini set. A misc and hat that turn pyro into something only previously encountered in the darkest places of the mind.
Browy's halloween 2012 bundle
Collection by Browy :> @Sicklad#GetRektangl'd
Hi, im browy, and i am NOT the guy that makes things for TF2, but i am the person that puts it all together in bundles and collections. :D Browy's collection, has the best halloween 2012 items considered for use in TF2! Recomended FOR YOU -> ...
Batman Arkham
Collection by Linc
This is a collection gathering all items that are inspired by ore resemble Batman Arkham villains
Broosevelt's Bully Favorites Collection
Collection by Theodore Broosevelt!
While a lot of these items are fairly current, many of these are excellent hats, miscs, and weapons just sitting in the back pages of the workshop collecting dust because Valve passed on them. This is a list of items, mainly from my favorites, that were ...
Team Fortress 2 - my favourites
Collection by Dan [greuceanu]
Collection by Otakia
scary stuff
Creepy Pyro Work Shop Miscs
Collection by forxredr
team fortress 2
Collection by Coubi
team fortress 2
teamfortress 2
Collection by sn!ke
Stuff I'd like to see in TF2
Collection by BlackFlame__MG
These are some TF2 workshop items that I would like to see in TF2. (I did NOT make any of these. No credit goes to me.)
Collection by Epin
Collection by про крут
Collection by [ᕦ(TUB)ᕤ] flax_
Pyro Clothing Items
Collection by BurnteToaster
*gay fashion voice* Okay. This is all the latest fashion you need for your Pyro character. These items are made by people in the community. You get to create your own style. Fancy to snazzy to "hot" and more!
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