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Alexiel's Pack (Mass Effect)
Collection by Alexiel
long fun war
Collection by Мясник
Seph's xcom 2 mods
Collection by Sepharim
Vanilla XCOM 2 Collection
Collection by vcf55
A collection that i am making for the upcoming XCOM 2 expansion.
Lw2 fast
Collection by Delitel
Fast LW2. Пробежаться до обновы, посмотреть новые классы, оружие.
Противники в LW2
Collection by ¥ằŘЋØĞøŔ
Подборка разнообразных усиленных противников для более интересного прохождения LW2 c модами.
Collection by ¥ằŘЋØĞøŔ
Разннобразная озвучка как для бойцов так и для МЭКОВ.
Balance Changes - /xcg/'s XCOM2 Modlist
Collection by 122aina
PART 5: Balance changes Opinions of these tweaks may vary. These are cheats to some and fixes to others. No party is wrong, just use what makes the game fun for you. Q: Can I just press subscribe to all without it causing any incompatibilities or iss
Collection by audioIX
Juroguys xcom 2 playthrough
Collection by JuroGuy Johnson
A personal collection for my playthrough of Xcom2.
8feet's Collection (XCOM 2 Mods)
Collection by 8feet
The mod collection used by 8feet in his livestreams. Does NOT contain - Grimy's Mission Timers: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=666047905 - Halo Reach: MJOLNIR Spartan Armor Variants: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filed
The Long War
Collection by Stormhawk938
A large collection of mods compatible with the glorious Long War 2-mod by Pavonis. Long War 2 is included. :3
Collection by Mehsen
Геймплей LW2
Collection by ¥ằŘЋØĞøŔ
Моды которые позволят разнообразить и в чем то упростить или усложнить геймплей в LW2
Экипировка (оружие, броня, девайсы) для LW2
Collection by ¥ằŘЋØĞøŔ
Подборка модов добавляющих скины и модели нового оружия, брони а также различные тактические приспособления.
Классы для LW2
Collection by ¥ằŘЋØĞøŔ
Интересные классы и специализации расширяющие возможности в LW2.
VANILA compability mods
Collection by ¥ằŘЋØĞøŔ
Подборка лучших модов на кастомизацию и геймплей для достойного прохождения игры на высоких уровнях сложности!
Collection by ¥ằŘЋØĞøŔ
Моды изменяющие внешний вид бойцов.
Карты для LW2
Collection by ¥ằŘЋØĞøŔ
Новые карты с типами местности для интересного прохождения LW2.
Collection by aJa
Spectrum Contributors
Collection by Yzaxtol
This is a collection of mods that have already been integrated into Spectrum so if you wanted to only download a specific part of Spectrum it can probably be found in here.
Ghost in the Shell Conversions
Collection by Lizard
Collection of Ghost in the Shell themed MODs from various MOD authors.
Collection by ¥ằŘЋØĞøŔ
Подборка модов для расширения и информатизации глобального и тактичекского интерфейса в LW2.
Game kNight's XCOM 2 Mods - Season 5 "The Long War"
Collection by Game kNight
This is my collection of mods for season 5 of my XCOM 2 Let's Play series! I've beaten the game so far on Veteran and Commander difficulty and I look forward to seeing how Long War 2 works! I'll be playing on Veteran difficulty, as this mod changes the
XCOM 2 Long War 2 Mod Pack
Collection by 360macgamer
Just the set of mods that i use to play Long War 2 with. Let me know what you think,
Spectrum Green - Recommended Mods
Collection by Yzaxtol
Spectrum Recomended Mods This list contains a variety of mods for different reasons, all of these mods are known to be safe to use together. CORE Mods: ======================== These mods are what I believe are vital for p
'보급형's Voice Pack
Collection by 보급형
Set of my mods [Class mod included]
xwynns Official Long War 2 Mod Pack
Collection by xwynns
My name is Xavier and welcome... to my modpack! These are all the mods I use in my youtube campaign which you can find here: http://www.youtube.com/xwynns Geoscape Lag Known Issue: 1) Upcoming Events In Hours. Go to \Steam\steamapps\workshop\conten
JoINrbs XCOM 2 Mods
Collection by JoINrbs
These are the UI/UX Mods that I use for Long War 2 on stream.
Neko's workshop
Collection by nekoworkshop
Huh, another "Play as Aliens mod", ok. A collection of my Play as Waifus mod. I started making these because nobody was making it and it looked fun ( it did turned out to be super fun ). Time will tell how much more this collection will grow.
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