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XCOM 2 Clone Units
Collection by Dantonamo
My Created Collection of Republic Clone units. Some are Canon and some are not. each contains 45 units with Canon troopers properly numbered and named.
mods for dennis
Collection by Blizzard
Collection by Wahops
Nor Dogroths XCOM 2 – WOTC
Collection by Nor Dogroth
Zusammenstellung der von mir genutzten Mods für War of the Chosen. Sprache: Deutsch oder Englisch.
Fav mods for Wotc
Collection by Oozaru
these are not my mods, just the mods i use to enjoy the game
Collection by Drake
CreativeXenos WOTC mod collection.
Collection by shadow79
Cato's WOTC Gameplay
Collection by Cato Heresy
A collection of gameplay mods for War of the Chosen, adding weapons, classes, cosmetics and quality of life fixes. This collection replaces Resistance Warfare V5, since the vast majortiy of vanilla mods are not compatible anymore and also as WOTC itself
Collection by Close one!
XCOM 2 WOTC Season 2 Mod LIST
Collection by Pennywise
This is the proposed mod list for Season 2 of XCOM War of the Chosen! http://www.youtube.com/christopherodd
X-COM 2 Character Pools
Collection by unikornus
An ongoing collection of character pools created If you see anything which should be added here, let me know!
A Better Everything
Collection by DerBK
There are quite a lot of different "A Better X" mods going around these days, so it's no surprise that people have been asking me for a sample modlist. Luckily, this is actually a lot easier than it seems at first, provided the following are given: 1 -
Musashis WotC Mods
Collection by Musashi
E3245's Master Mod Collection for War of the Chosen
Collection by E3245
This is the collection for the mods that I, E3245, created or collaborated in. Background and Icon by BigBossDidNothingWrong083 Sauces: Background: http://bigbossdidnothingwrong083.tumblr.com/post/145332237481/bigbossdidnothingwrong083 Icon: http:/
CombatMedic's ADVENT Gear Collection
Collection by [OG]CombatMedic02
Here's a few mods I have made which make your XCOM 2 troopers look a little more like the enemy. Ever wanted to wield a Stun Lance or pick up one of those badass rifles from off the ground? Have you wished your SPARKS made those awesome metallic ADVENT Mec
[XCOM 2] Aeronautic's Master Mod Collection - WotC Edition
Collection by ($S360)Aeronautic
Because WotC and Vanilla XCOM 2 don't like each other, I decided to make a master mod collection of this -- WotC edition. Good golly, this is gonna take a while...
Quality of Life / UI Improvements - WotC
Collection by BlueRaja
A list of mods that improve the User Experience of XCOM 2 with War of the Chosen (for the legacy version, see here ) ALL OF THESE MODS ARE PURELY COSMETIC - none of
WaKKO SicK's LW2 Overhaul aka REAL WAR
Collection by WaKKO151
Updated 9/11/17 Final Version 3.7 You can watch this streamed daily for hours on end at www.twitch.tv/wakko151 This is a Community Modpack designed to make the combat more intense and the strategy layer more leniant. It provides new challenges and mo
[XCOM 2 - WIP] Red Vs Blue VoicePack Collection
Collection by ($S360)Aeronautic
Inside this lovely collection is my voicepack mods for the collection of the series Red Vs. Blue. NOTE: Due to help by Hugh_Mungus, Neraja, and Ausanan, this collection will be a mix between them, due to the fact that they took the torch in finishing th
RealityMachina's War of the Chosen Mods
Collection by RealityMachina
A collection of mods that I know 100% works with War of the Chosen, Firaxis's expansion for XCOM 2. Will include both previously made mods and new ones as I get the time (and sleep) to work on this. Patreon - really like my mods that much? Feel f
RealityMachina's Mods (and the occasional other mod you should try)
Collection by RealityMachina
A collection of mods that range from enabling your regular soldiers to become psionic demigods, to turning the dark event selection for Guerilla Ops into a Wheel of Torture in the late-game. Don't worry though, you can always recruit ME/SW aliens, or even
xwynns Official Long War 2 Mod Pack
Collection by xwynns
My name is Xavier and welcome... to my modpack! These are all the mods I use in my youtube campaign which you can find here: http://www.youtube.com/xwynns Geoscape Lag Known Issue: 1) Upcoming Events In Hours. Go to \Steam\steamapps\workshop\conten
Quality of Life / UI Improvements - Legacy
Collection by BlueRaja
A list of mods that improve the User Experience of XCOM 2 without War of the Chosen (for the WotC version, see here ) ALL OF THESE MODS ARE PURELY COSMETIC - none o
RealityMachina's Long War 2-only Mods
Collection by RealityMachina
Like my other collection, except these ones are for mods that will only work if you have Long War 2 installed. Patreon - really like my mods that much? Feel free to contribute here: https://www.patreon.com/RealityMachina Super Helpful Co
[LEGACY] E3245's Master Mod Collection
Collection by E3245
THESE MODS ARE NOT WAR OF THE CHOSEN COMPATIBLE!!! War of the Chosen version: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1126618881 This is the collection for the mods that I, E3245, created or collaborated in. This is also the place t
Mass Effect Characters Voice Packs & Appearances
Collection by illequine
EDI, Legion, Kasumi, Vega, Miranda, Liara, Thane, Mordin, Wrex, Grunt, Joker, Jack, Zaeed, Garrus and Tali Voicepack mods for XCOM2. Updated to include EDI and Legion as MEC/Spark Voices. All mods updated and working - You should now be able to run ALL
Nigel Halo Com
Collection by Nigel Thornberry
All the mods that i include in this list will be mods that i have had a part in developing as well as mods i feel fit the theme. This will always include the mods that i feel are exceptional to the theme of Halo Com. There is a possibility that i will add
Walker Texas Ranger Voice Pack Collection
Collection by Walker, Texas Ranger
As requested, this is a collection of all the voice packs I've made for convenience. Some of the packs contain profanity. Hell, most of them do. I'm not a modder, I don't know anything about programming or scripting. That is all alien magic to me. I jus
Yard's Guns
Collection by Yard1PL
Mods I made - in one convenient place. Not working on anything XCOM2 releated anymore, sorry.
Odd's XCOM 2 LP Mods
Collection by Pennywise
Hey everyone this is the mod list for the current season of XCOM 2 that can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/christopherodd. If I make any changes to this, I'll be sure to update here.
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