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GunGame maps
Collection by: Mr.RoBoT
3 maps for GunGame mod GunGame mod:
My stuff useful and some fixs
Collection by: JustExod
My things of Killingfloor that I made or fix :)
Collection by: agooddaytofish
This is my rifle, this is my gun, this one's for fighting, this one's for fun. GUNS GUNS GUNS... ok some are not guns but they're still weapons you use to KILL THINGS TILL THEIR DEAD!!!!
Waffen der coolen sorte
Collection by: Kaiserpinguin
Das ist eine kollektion wo diese waffen enthalten sind MP7,ACR,M249,M200 die waffen sind sehr gut und ich mache mehr waffen aber in anderen kollektionen! This is a collection where these weapons are included MP7, ACR, M249, M200, the weapons are very g...
Recommended Server Mods for Killing Floor
Collection by: Carlmundo
These are all the mods that I use when I host a game of Killing Floor. Click "Subscribe to all" to be able to play when I host.
Fox Mut
Collection by: <CH> J A' F O X
Just Random Mut for friends
Maps by aHDp
Collection by: aHDp
All maps by aHDp
ScrN Balance Official Custom Maps
Collection by: [ScrN]PooSH
Comunity-made map collection that is required for gaining achievements in ScrN Balance mod.
Collection by: [CD] Darlian
Articulos del WorkShop , No todos son necesarios pero si les recomendamos tener la mayoria para una mejor experiencia en nuestros servidores. Mapas KF-DefenceLondonFINAL ( Map ) KF-ElecFields ( Map ) KF-TheGreatPyramid-Arena ( Map ) KF-Ga...
killing floor mod pack
Collection by: Commander Caudill
Custom Monsters Balance
Collection by: [ScrN]PooSH
Balances WPC-made Brute, Shiver and Jason Voorhees to fit better all together in the game.
Server Xela
Collection by: srxela
Saeri's KF stuff
Collection by: Waudozer
Basicly the things I'll use with my friends, all credits goes to the rightful owners.
Killing Floor Maps and Muts
Collection by: PandaKensai
Mutators and maps for awesomeness!
ToniHDs Killing Floor Collection
Collection by: ToniHD
Just a collection that keeps me and my friends on the same level.
Mr.RoBoT's Maps
Collection by: Mr.RoBoT
This is a collection of maps I created :)
STBC Killing Floor
Collection by: iGhost4U
The map list used by SupposedToBeComedy
Weapons supported by the WeaponsWorkShopWIP mutator
Collection by: BadKarMa
This collection features weapons, that are only supported by the WORK IN PROGRESS version of the WeaponsWorkShop mutator and currently not featured in the normal version until its next update. The WeaponsWorkShopWIP comes with the subscription of the nor...
Masaki Shrine Map Pack
Collection by: A Victim of Stars
A collection of maps used on the official Killing Floor server "The Masaki Shrine". Click "Subscribe to all" for easy downloading and staying up-to-date!
E`s Extravaganza
Collection by: seppp
Subscribe to the following mods, they are what is included in my server. It will make it more convenient for you when you want to join my server. Hey guys, I'm E`, and I'l be hosting a listen server every...
My Killing Floor Maps
Collection by: mikkou
A collection of my maps
Ulqs KF Custom Map Picks
Collection by: Ulq™
A Collection of custom maps i use on my server. Recomend Grabbing for Quicker games
Maps of plenty
Collection by: [MPW] gty14
Lots of maps
A 2tm Collection
Collection by: 2tm
2tm's Collection
Killing Floor
Collection by: {Geo} ♎ ♀ ♄ ☥
Scrake Naders Server Pack
Collection by: [ScrN]PooSH
Collection of items (mutators and maps), which are used on ScrN Official Server: Subsribe to this collection to skip long downloads before joining the server.
The Binding of Isaac OST
Collection by: Princess Celestia™
Ever played The Binding of Isaac and said, "Wow, this game has good music!" I know I have! That had inspired me to use the OST of the game, and make a Killing Floor Workshop item out of it. Note: Event music has been left unedited for festive reasons ...
Killing Floor Penis
Collection by: Benicorn
This is a collection required to have a penis.
KF - Weapons, GUI, Monsters & Maps
Collection by: m30w
Weapon Reskins, Maps, Monsters, Mutations, & GUI customizations. ========================== General/Gameplay ========================== List of white-listed mods Custom Shop Mutator h...
Collection by: ★ProStar★ Jebać Biede.
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