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Quake 2 soundtrack for Killing Floor
Collection by Mr. Assassin
There are three parts of the Quake 2 soundtrack for Killing Floor. I have divided them due to Steam's limitations on file size. However, I have uploaded them to an alternative website if need be: Volume 1:
Doom 3
Collection by Marco
A complete Doom 3 monsters pack. This mod is a port and heavily modified from Unreal Tournament 2004's Doom 3 monsters pack by INIQUITOUS (download link for that pack is dead). This monster pack contains nearly all monsters from Doom 3 and Doom 3 Ro...
Collection by _..Spartacus.._
Killingfloor Doom3 Story Mappack
Collection by Lethal_Vortex
This is a mappack for the doom3 mutator. everything u need is in this collection the map names are named kf-d3 Some maps u have to collect parts in order to complete the level other u have to explore the landscape kf-d3Farm - Clear out houses ...
Skell's Maps
Collection by Skell*
I'll be uploading my maps here... Yeah... Don't know how this works...
Lethalvortex Full pack
Collection by Lethal_Vortex
full collection everything complete with all mods required. for the ppl who dont like to click subscribe to all maps seperated
Collection by Marco Sadowski
Weapon's for Killing Floor weekly updates
My Killing Floor Uploads
Collection by ricky horror
A collection of my workshop uploads for Killing Floor.
Celldweller and Blue Stahli music pack
Collection by Javier Taco
A collection of awesome music for your KF!
Custom Monsters & ScrN Balance Bundle
Collection by [ScrN]PooSH
All you need to run Gunslinger Perk, ScrN Balance features together with favorite community-made monsters (Brute, Shiver, Jason).
GunsForBucks created maps
Collection by GunsForBucks
Work in progress... This is a collection of all my maps with the most current version and download links. Not included in this collection are maps I modified made by others, those are in another collection.
Ballistic Weapons KF (ServerPerks Version)
Collection by [WPC] Forrest Mark X
This is all the parts to my Ballistic Weapons port to KF ScrnBalance version download (.rar): ServerPerks version download (.rar):
Fel's Map pack
Collection by Fel
These are maps made by yours truly. A varaity of mission maps as well as standard vinilla maps. enjoy.
ScrN Balance
Collection by [ScrN]PooSH
Required collection for ScrN Balance to work properly
Collection by MVP
Bunch of useful stuff
Sexta Bruta Collection
Collection by Sumo
Ferenos' Final Maps
Collection by Ferenos
Coleccion de mapas finales
Scrake Naders Server Pack
Collection by [ScrN]PooSH
Collection of items (excluding maps), which are used on ScrN Official Servers: Subscribe to this collection to skip long downloads before joining the server. This ...
Map Collection
Collection by Grimfon
Weapon 3X Pack
Collection by ArtikS legendary player
Sniper rifle "Interveshn" SMG "MP5", Stun Grenade
KF-Testmap Complete
Collection by Shinkichi
Mr.RoBoT's Maps
Collection by Mr.RoBoT
This is a collection of maps I created :)
Serious Sam on Killing Floor
Collection by Louva-Deus
These are all the Serious Sam items for Killing Floor!
Battle Hardened Collection
Collection by Hellsing
The Battle Hardened pack are simple skins to show what a person going through a zed infested UK looks like.
Killing Floor Alien Mod
Collection by KiriSaito
Killing Floor Aliens Mod: El mod se compone de: Perks: Armas: Enemigos: Personajes: Página web oficial WPC
Black Mesa Soundtrack
Collection by stigu the wise drunk
This two-part mod replaces all stock music (non-holiday and non-event) and menu music with remixed tracks from the Source mod Black Mesa (formerly Black Mesa: Source). It uses all tracks from the digital download album, with some repeats for the wave m...
KFO Fleshpound Challenge Maps
Collection by GunsForBucks
A collection of KFO - Fleshpound Challenge maps
Weapons of plenty
Collection by [MPW][SOZ] gty14
This is a collection of many weapon mods from lots of differnt authors. All credit for the mods to the authors! PS: I made this collection so it was easy for me and my freinds to keep track of what mods we had. Take in mind not all the weapons will wor...
The Best Weapons for KF (collected by K1r0cK)
Collection by KIROCK
The most of authentic authors are unknown. Try to find them on ( Tripwire Interactive Forums! Code for Shop (ServerPerks.ini): TraderInventory=3:AKS74ULLIMut.AKS74ULLIPickup TraderInventory=3:AUG_A1ARMut.AUG_A1A...
DmC Music For Killing Floor
Collection by Kurumi Tokisaki
DmC music for Killing Floor
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