Shadowrun Returns
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Shadowrun Campaigns
Автор(и) колекції Hellspawn
A selection of campaigns for Shadowrun Returns.
Shadowrun Identity
Автор(и) колекції Opifer
Welcome to the Shadowrun Identity project, a 100+ hour community-created campaign! The first full release is due out summer of 2014 but you can start playing the alphas right now with betas to follow around Christmas, 2013. Check us out at www.shadowrunide
KILL-CITY: Detroit collection. Game'n'dependencies. Download here!
Автор(и) колекції Sodium Chloridah
You somehow stumbled upon Kill-City: Detroit. Click 'subscribe to all' to install the game. Click down below on 'Kill-City: Detroit' to find out more about the game, or follow this link:
Darkness Falls
Автор(и) колекції molefixer
What starts out as a simple mission backfires tearing your team apart and sending you through the trenches trying to save them. Ares, aztechnology, Yamatetsu, astral planes, and gang turfs are all on your agenda just to save your friends. However, you disc
Shadowrun Modular Equipment
Автор(и) колекції DontrescueIFcamped
What is a SME module ? ********************** SME modules are data only content packs adding features to the game like abilities and items ; though they're following a specific philosophy: 1/ Compatibility: each SME modules are compatible with each
Shadowrun Getting Started Collection
Автор(и) колекції CameleonZZZ
If your new to Shadowrun Workshop or the game itself, these are recommendations of Workshops which give a variety of storylines, free-play, and are each well crafted. You can't go wrong by trying these ones out. These Workshops help new and curious pla
GiTS Campaign Additional UGC's
Автор(и) колекції CrazyXacker
Additional UGC's for fan-made Campaign "Ghost in the Shell Source of a Soul" Дополнительный контент для пользовательской кампании "Призрак в доспехах: Источник души" http://steamcommunity
Completed Campaigns & Open Worlds
Автор(и) колекції Joelnh
As I try out Campaigns, Acts, and Open Worlds I will add ones that work and I have had no problems with or only minor ones. As well as what I think of them in the notes. Some notes may be about mods not on steam, but acquired from nexus. If you find on
Best of Shadowrun Returns Content-Only UGC
Автор(и) колекції frumpycontusion
The best resources and packs for Shadowrun Returns UGC creators. Will be continually updated. Please leave comments if I'm missing anything.
Автор(и) колекції gevrik
Stories for Shadowrun Returns
Ghost in the Shell Campaign
Автор(и) колекції reeve3
Everything You need to get the Ghost in the Shell Campaign to work. All Credit goes to the content makers.
My Mods
Автор(и) колекції Allarion
open-world campaigns
Автор(и) колекції A230385
Campaigns that are not linear, but open-world, i.e. you go where you want to go.
Campaign Add-Ons
Автор(и) колекції Zethien
Collection of campaign add ons designed to be fillers for full length games. This will mostly be stand alone side quests and areas that are intended to help the character develop if they are "stuck" in the main story.
Shadowrun Returns
Автор(и) колекції Keeper Of The Ribeye
Автор(и) колекції toomarc
This is just something I can add stuff to to work on getting familier with the workshop
Shadowrun Modules
Автор(и) колекції Biohazard☣JP
Shadows of Spokane
Автор(и) колекції Scratch
Planned beta release: Halloween 2014 Details TBD. PLANNED FEATURES * Set in Spokane, NAN. 300 miles east of Seattle, Spokane is smack in the middle of the Salish-Sidhe lands. This new environment features more open spaces, more nature, and less ur
Shadowrun Returns Campaigns
Автор(и) колекції fathamburger
User generated campaigns and total conversions for Shadowrun Returns
Ranton collects
Автор(и) колекції debnisme
Shadowrun Returns One-Off Missions and Short Stories
Автор(и) колекції fathamburger
User generated one-off missions or short stories for Shadowrun Returns
Shadowrun Returns scenarios
Автор(и) колекції bburroughs
shadowrun dlc
Автор(и) колекції Nerzhul9000
shadowrun stuff
Shadowrun Vault
Автор(и) колекції Irishsniper187
Shadowrun Stories
Автор(и) колекції bioxz
Content Packs for Shadowrun: Returns including a playable story. English or german language.
Gaza's Collection
Автор(и) колекції t3hj00
It's mine!
Zane's SRR useful tools
Автор(и) колекції zanebound
Tools for SRR that I built or found particularly useful.
Cutting My Teeth Version 1.1
Автор(и) колекції metabaronX4
Being a wageslave wasn't. You'd rather be free and than controlled. Version 1.1
Shadowrun Workshop Content
Автор(и) колекції LaughingMan
Useful resources for Shadowrun Returns
Fun to be had
Автор(и) колекції AussieGriffin
Campaigns for the game.
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