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Fantasy ERA
Koleksiyoncu ☪ Féth
Koleksiyoncu Zipper
Koleksiyoncu World Slayer Team
JRPGs on Greenlight and games inspired by JRPGs. Only games that has yet to pass Greenlight OR passed it but not yet released. If I'm missing a game, let me know or write about it in the comments :)
Trading Card Games
Koleksiyoncu InfernalCookie
Koleksiyoncu Sizouse
Türkiyem Gaziler şehitler yurdu burası Türkiye’m vatanım cennet diyarım Dünyanın en gözde güzel karası Türkiye’m vatanım cennet diyarım Rüzgar gibi eser dağlar aşarım Bayrağımla özgür uygar yaşarım Uğruna ölüme durmaz koşarım Türkiye’m vatanım ce
Koleksiyoncu Kuzymich
Gaming Vizonboy's Group
Koleksiyoncu Gaming Vizonboy
Hello,zmy Name is Gaming vizonboy Im a Youtuber and I do gamplays it Will be nice To be my friend But anyway.Wassup My youtube Channel Link is Peace OUT! Comrades.
Koleksiyoncu JOKIN MADNESS
Stop faggotry on videogames!
Indie Game with Cool Story
Koleksiyoncu E-DOU games
Bring together the games that moved you to tears: The WHALE (Magic Journey) From Indie Game Developer WHALE is an Action-adventure game from Indie game developer. Play as a whale t
Anime Collection ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
Koleksiyoncu Alot
This is a collection for anime / Manga themed games. My goal of this collection is to show that a couple is a suitable platform for such as these games. If I made a mistake in the game or so simply comment or pm me ʕʘ‿ಠʔ. I hope you find some games you enj
Mejores juegos!!!
Koleksiyoncu (((sit@el)))
Los mejores juegos de greenlight ---sss---
Koleksiyoncu jamis
Koleksiyoncu AGFIIGFA
Koleksiyoncu MaxQjust™
Good RPG Games
Koleksiyoncu Redjoe678
RPG Games.
Koleksiyoncu Burnt.__.Toast
Here i'll be storing all the hiveswap acts that will come out for easy access
nice horror games
Koleksiyoncu ahh
Some horror games from greenlight that i like :) Feel free to recomed your games. Will check them all ! Cheers !
Brony inspired games
Koleksiyoncu Luna T Nox
Games made for Bronies
Cat ^_^
Koleksiyoncu Mr. Cat *_*
Komiker Media - Games
Koleksiyoncu Mr.MetehanKorkmaz
Komiker Media Tarafından Geliştirilen Oyunlar
jeux prometteur à surveiller/promising video games to watch
Koleksiyoncu DemonKiller
#Sexy Girls :3
Koleksiyoncu Jey-S
Good games
Koleksiyoncu BF&I Gaming
Neo's chamber
Koleksiyoncu SpitFire
A collection of really cool games.
Koleksiyoncu Corfa 💸
Koleksiyoncu boobasawk
So this is just a ton of awesome games i found on greenlight!
ZUP! <3
Koleksiyoncu Sk i lLΞ X™
ZUP! 1 ZUP! 2 ZUP! 3 ZUP! 4 ZUP! Zero ZUP! 5 (coming soon)
Sexy anime girls - Greenlit version
Koleksiyoncu -Psycho-
Games from my "Sexy anime girls" collection that have been Greenlit but not released yet. Released games will be removed (You can still check them out in the comments session). Any self-promotion comments will be removed without exceptions. List wil
Furry Greenlits
Koleksiyoncu Oscha
The Steam Greenlight list full of Furry Games.
YaoiRecs: Greenlight Edition
Koleksiyoncu Kimchi Tea
Games featuring romantic or sexual relationships between male characters.
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