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+ 5% Ratings
Koleksiyoncu: Eqnx8TH
This list shows the most popular games that have achieved to exceed 5% of ratings so far. Please help me keep the list updated. Comment when you see a game that exceeds the number of 5%
Greenlight Love
Koleksiyoncu: Seddi
I have a terrible short-term memory, and often find myself remarking upon games I was rooting for making it, then promptly forgotting in my often hectic day-to-day. This is a list of all the delightful things I've set my sights on and am dying to see come...
dream games
Koleksiyoncu: littlefatcat
games i dream of
Koleksiyoncu: chanoc
Some shit by RWS, or has to do with RWS.
Might be Good
Koleksiyoncu: Michael_the_Germanic
Stuff that might be worth scoping out in the near future.
Koleksiyoncu: XCanG
Коллекция из интересных модификаций, улучшающих игру(-ы).
Koleksiyoncu: Mozy312
Pax East Indie Highlights
Koleksiyoncu: PhyreMatrix
A few of the indies I got to demo at PAX East this year. A couple of them are promising and have made their way to Greenlight. Check them out and show some love.
Indie Games :D
Koleksiyoncu: 🎃★❄©[FLUFFY]®HunterSLAYER!™ 🎃★❄
Collection of Indie Games that i've planned to buy(and you should TOO!) if they ever made it on STEAM "Indie Game" collection Avatar/image taken from: "Play Indie" background/banner taken ...
Great Indie Games
Koleksiyoncu: Obstel
Great Indie Games
Greenlight BANGERS
Koleksiyoncu: Pudge
A collection of the greatest hits Greenlight has to offer.
Bundled games that need votes!!! (Please Help!)
Koleksiyoncu: Brutalface
These are all great games that have appeared in many charity game bundles and are waiting to be greenlit. These developers were generous enough to use their games to generate profits for charities and those in need, as well as sell their games for very c...
Bo Blonds Greenligth picks #01
Koleksiyoncu: Blond666
Just my collection of games I think is worth your vote!
Koleksiyoncu: BaconStrips
Games that have given me great intrest in seeing finished and/or curiousity with their different gaming format.
Till's Top Greenlight Titles
Koleksiyoncu: Jelly Joker
Koleksiyoncu: [Soylent.Hero]
This will be a collection of smart table-top inspired adventure, puzzle, strategy, or role-playing games.
Koleksiyoncu: ekbmrb
A bunch of shmups on Greenlight. Image is Shmup Ship by ~Ayjun-invayjun on deviantART.
Doctor's Bag
Koleksiyoncu: Doctor_Decency
Its sweg
Games Worth Supporting!
Koleksiyoncu: Sumarliði
This list was made to show the games which set themselves apart from the rest based on a certain degree of : Originality, Quality of Gameplay, Replayablilty, and Graphics.
Koleksiyoncu: TugLyf
Can't wait for this!
Koleksiyoncu: etcmail
Fun Games
Koleksiyoncu: [NFSGM][GSU][TSC]BudderGaming 🚙
Scrumptious norwegian games that have to be Greenlit
Koleksiyoncu: Smooth Dog
For anyone (or any proud norwegian (vikings YEAH!)) that wants to support Norwegian games. There are not a lot of norwegian game developers out there, so support them by greenlighting their games. They poor folks need dosh. That is all, - Smoot...
Jay is Greenlights
Koleksiyoncu: Dora
I work for the indie game review site, and there's one thing I'm always looking for. Games. Awesome indie games. Awesome indie games that make you go, "Awwww yisss." Here is where I'm going to collect all the games I think you should check ...
Mejores Juegos del Greenlight.
Koleksiyoncu: [d.o.g.e] Cesar30Garcia
Playable Picks
Koleksiyoncu: Kronos
Interesting games on Greenlight that have some playable form available, whether it's a demo, prototype, open/closed alpha or beta or even a final release that's just not available on Steam... basically anything that you can actually try out now.
The Spu's Seal of Approval
Koleksiyoncu: The Spu
A collection of The Spu's favorite greenlight titles!
Jinx's Greenlight Favorites
Koleksiyoncu: Jinx
Games worth checking out on Greenlight- vote them up!
My Greenlight Votes
Koleksiyoncu: ๖ۣۜR3BORN
These are my most looked forward to Greenlight games. Never hurts to support indie developers I say!
Awesome Games I Want
Koleksiyoncu: Workster
This is my list of awesome looking games I'm looking forward to.
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