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Games recommended by JohCar.
Koleksiyoncu: JohCar
Koleksiyoncu: †<>_venØM_<>†
Koleksiyoncu: Donley Time Foundation
What I like!
Manga-/ Anime-/ Otaku-Games
Koleksiyoncu: 徳和ナり真希
Games which don't only have anime graphics,ones which also a lovely story and everything a true otaku wants and needs (=^-^=)
Cheap Low End Games Approved!
Koleksiyoncu: Olboyfloats
Cheap Low End Games, the official Steam Curator of the subreddit Low End Gaming, brings you this collection of hand picked Greenlight Games that have our official seal of approval!!
HammerSickle's Collection
Koleksiyoncu: Bajingan Pitulikur
Random Greenlight Collection
Greenlight's Finest
Koleksiyoncu: Abandonations
Will include games with more than good visual presentations, Original gameplay, Concepts. We know that not every game are worthy, out of respect from the time the developer's has spent. but still, its all about the players point of view, its not...
Visual Novel
Koleksiyoncu: SNC Soul
Visual Novels that I find entertaining and fun to read. Most of the novels are animes and for mature readers. Novels have semi-nudity which are some what graphic.
PC IGN Games
Koleksiyoncu: Razer.Maxi ✔
tham tham THAM
Koleksiyoncu: |FTG|His Majesty Frederick
boem boem boem
Greenlight Koreans
Koleksiyoncu: Arisae
Game of the created by korean creators.
Cool stuff
Koleksiyoncu: Master_Ralph_IV
This is my place where I can find my awsome stuff.
DesignStance Projects
Koleksiyoncu: ルoGiiKx™
This is a collection of games created and developed by DesignStance Staff.
Koleksiyoncu: CounterRail
Natus Vincere
Koleksiyoncu: muhdadharosli
please follow My Natus Vincere
Koleksiyoncu: Soverance
Koleksiyoncu: TSM Gemma
Trapped in a time loop where you must relive the same night. Explore the mysterious lake house and discover it's dark secrets. But be careful. You are not alone… Overview You have inherited a lake house from your estranged father who disappeared u...
My Bundles
Koleksiyoncu: Artemis Herdmann
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