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amazing games
Koleksiyoncu wizard master結城晶子リト
this list of games are games that dont haev to be gta5 style grpahix or any others like that the game is amazeing in its own way depending on gameplay story or overall how the game looks ingenral online stuf fsuch as co op multiplayer or othe ronline s
Groupees BAGB games
Koleksiyoncu Bongo
This is a collection of Groupee's "Build a Greenlight Bundle". While there are some other collections, they weren't complete or kept up to date. I'll try my best adding future bundles to this collection. Some greenlight pages have been deleted so they o
Great Zero% Games
Koleksiyoncu Guybrush20X6
This is where you'll find all the great games that haven't quite gotten the attention they deserve, not even 1% of the votes required. We also accept games at only 1-3% too. So if a game disappears from this collection, it's a good thing. Vote them up games
Koleksiyoncu Skyblade
A set of games came from community. See this topic for games not in collection list:
Shoot em ups to gary's mod
Koleksiyoncu Pink and Fluffy.
Will be on counter strike for hours then I feel like making some maps for it on sdk
Koleksiyoncu asianspiceitup
Sandbox like Minecraft.
8 Bit Games
Koleksiyoncu Ursumio
An awesome collection of 8 Bit Games on Steam Greenlight.
Koleksiyoncu code
Air Games Collection
Koleksiyoncu Jaydepps
These are just some of the great indie games that the team over at Indie Game HQ believe deserve any and all support through the Steam Greenlight process.
proudlarry digs through obscura
Koleksiyoncu proudlarry
A list of games roting in obscurity while "fantastic titles" like Grand Theft Pizza Delivery have somehow been greenlit. This includes games with unfairly assigned low-scores, games with terrible branding images/ posted artwork that have potential, game
Мои ожидания в Steam ).
Koleksiyoncu Pain
PlanetCocoT's TOP Choices
Koleksiyoncu MayuKitahara
Winter Wolves Collection
Koleksiyoncu Joker-kun890
A collection of Winter Wolves games on Greenlight. There is currently a bundle running for some of these games until 09/20.
Gorgeous Games
Koleksiyoncu Dahmok
This is a collection of Indie games that I personally think are visually gorgeous. They don’t need to have the most advanced graphic engines or the most snazzy eye candy. These are games that are artistically and conceptually beautiful even if they are mad
Koleksiyoncu joiNT ;[
Tactics Games
Koleksiyoncu KevODoom
Turn-based tactics and strategy games.
Linux Picks
Koleksiyoncu Kronos
Interesting games on Greenlight that have a linux version planned/released. Go Linux!
Linux Greenlight
Koleksiyoncu Fuze FyreGreen
Linux games i would want to promote
Koleksiyoncu JAWHER
My 2015 Greenlight Favorites
Koleksiyoncu Black Mage Jedo
Check out some greenlight games from 2015 which I think will be interesting!
Regis's Greenlight Games
Koleksiyoncu Regis l>
These are Greenlight games that have been approved for Steam and I would like them to be released. Not many on this list has been released and need more attention or fundings to be completed or are being finished. There are also games on here that are al
FuckingCool collection
Koleksiyoncu Sancho Beckman™
Damn cool games, in which you have to play. Чертовски крутые игры, в которые ты должен обязательно сыграть
Awesome Greenlight Strategy/Sim Games
Koleksiyoncu Himulaya
I absolutely love strategy and simulation games. In this collection I will put all the awesome games of these types that seem to have a solid team behind them and interesting gameplay.
Greenlight Korea
Koleksiyoncu Lee Yunseok
Games of the created by korean or kind of korean creators. Now live on Steam Greenlight. Order by submitted.
Koleksiyoncu n'Ging
Bear's Collection
Koleksiyoncu Bear
Greenlight Games.
Looking forward to release day #1
Koleksiyoncu YUKIxMAMI
Adventures In Text!
Koleksiyoncu IcyDeadPeople
This is a collection of Greenlight projects which make use of the greatest graphics engine of all: your imagination! Support these interesting games and rate them up, whether you like them for reasons of nostalgia, the economics (many of these will be f
Koleksiyoncu O-I
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