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Koleksiyoncu CHUDY
AbandonPixel Discoveries
Koleksiyoncu R. Caldera
From we are looking for news Indies everybody need know and enjoy. Looking for special games and special developers. Desde buscamos nuevos Indies para hacerlos llegar a todo el mundo para que los disfruten. Buscando jue
Pure RPG
Koleksiyoncu CassTrollgniettes
Contient une séléction de RPG dont l'ambiance/gameplay/scénar me rappellent tout ce dont j'ai toujours adoré dans les vieux RPG.
Juegos Pavos
Koleksiyoncu Ap0calipsi
Koleksiyoncu Sicario the King
Tanna's Seal of Approval
Koleksiyoncu itchymatsu
These games receive the Seal of Approval from lil' ol me, based on how cool I think it looks.
Koleksiyoncu kord202
Сюда я складываю самое желаемое
Koleksiyoncu Ruisuツ
Spikeball's Spectacular Games That Should Be On Steam!
Koleksiyoncu SakuraNekoGamer
This is a collection that revolves around the fact that there are so many outrageous games on steam Greenlight, but so many of them are not noticed! This is where we NOTICE those games, and attempt to get them greenlit!
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