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Police Infinity
Koleksiyoncu 314Arts Germany
Pixel Perfect
Koleksiyoncu Brunhildr
Best pixel art games on Greenlight that need your love. If you have a suggestion, feel free do use the comments section!
Koleksiyoncu Battousai
keep walking... collection!
FPEG: First-Person Exploration Games (Main Collection)
Koleksiyoncu AzureanStudios
An ever-growing list of First Person Exploration Games, as well as helpful "sub-collections" at the bottom of the list for those who want to quickly find their new favorite FPEG! If you're seeking exploration mixed with horror, exploration mixed with aimle
The Green Reaper
Koleksiyoncu AgustinCordes
Horror! Horrible things! My personal picks of horror games from any genre that can't be missed on Steam Greenlight (including Asylum, of course). Always looking forward to finding new things, so make sure to leave your suggestions. Here you may find my
Koleksiyoncu The Grand Chief
A Little bit of everything.
Pixel Art
Koleksiyoncu Gear
Hi there! Here is a list of some Pixel Art Games i'm looking for, feel free to suggest more of them. This all started when Hammerwatch, and so i go on!
Portal and Portal 2 mod concepts
Koleksiyoncu Jrockten
This is a collection of all the Portal and Portal 2 mod concepts on greenlight (that aren't dead). If you find one that's not on this list or if one of the mods on this list is dead, please let me know in the comments with a link to the mod. This collec
Gaming Portugal: Indie Picks
Koleksiyoncu Steel
Seguindo os princípios basilares do Gaming Portugal, a nossa coleção pretende ajudar os utilizadores a encontrarem e apoiarem títulos de qualidade. Sabemos que será extremamente complicado acompanhar diariamente os jogos adicionados no Greenlight, pelo
World of Tanks
Koleksiyoncu ❖CPA❖ HOTSHOTS
Интересные игры - Interesting game
Koleksiyoncu S@Ze
Моя коллекция "Интересные игры", здесь собраны проекты которые мне понравились. My collection "Interesting games", here are the projects that I liked.
RTS Greenlight games
Koleksiyoncu Cloud
I'm putting this together because way to many games are listing themselves as strategy. It's hard to find games that are actually strategy especially if they're part of a subgenre of strategy like RTS. The goal is to list all the RTS games on greenlight
I'm waiting survival
Koleksiyoncu alex Roosso
Im Auge behalten
Koleksiyoncu schlammonster
Spiele die ich nicht aus den Augen verlieren will.
My GREENLIGHT "Collection"
Koleksiyoncu BlackEZ95
Моя личная коллекция игр по сервису "GREENLIGHT"
Slice of Life
Koleksiyoncu Fire_Salamander
General Slices of LIfe type gmaes and anime based/themed games as well.
Roguelike + sandbox + RPG + awesome stuff
Koleksiyoncu Shustrik
Rogue-like, rpg, sandbox and similar games. Best of the best
Opium Pulses Picks
Koleksiyoncu SlipSlot
This is a collection of greenlight titles picked by the Opium Pulses gaming community. Our selection is picked based on games from developers who have worked directly with Opium Pulses or games published by ourselves. We'll also add occasional personal
Greenlight Games i like :3
Koleksiyoncu TheLegend27 ✠
In this collection i gonna post some Random stuff i like to see in steam :333
Pack Five nights at Freddy's
Koleksiyoncu ARoboCat
Pack Five night at Freddy's
CS:GO Gamer
Koleksiyoncu [8pu] Felix250™ [61stVA]
Spelunky likes (2D Platformer Roguelikes)
Koleksiyoncu l3reak
Top-down roguelikes are cool, but lately people have been making very Rogue-like platforming games. Move through a dungeon with permadeath just trying to see how far you can go, basically. Spelunky is the big example. Those games are what this collection i
Pixelated Porn
Koleksiyoncu Caomhainn
A place for gorgeous and beautiful retro/pixel games.
Game Collected
Koleksiyoncu Arzola
Games that stand out from the rest, by having promising gameplay mechanics, outstanding sountrack and visuals or a very well put together overall concept. Overall, great games that people usually missed among the endless ocean that is Greenlight. There
Koleksiyoncu Seraphim
The most Awesome Game that I would like to play
Stuff Terry Cavanagh likes
Koleksiyoncu terry
Some games I like
Shaundi's Greenlight Collection - 24 MAY
Koleksiyoncu Shaundi
Best Games
Koleksiyoncu BatataGames N00B Confirmed
Koleksiyoncu VHMMAN
Greenlight Games
Koleksiyoncu ❤Kawaii Wizard❤
cool shizzle
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