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Koleksiyoncu mAki~idle
Games i would like to keep an eye on
Koleksiyoncu BARLEY
This is a collection of games that i want to support and keep an eye on.
Koleksiyoncu HEAD HUNTER
My Mystery Puzzle Collection
Koleksiyoncu Pinkamena
This Collection of games are Puzzle based.
Independent Truck Company Car
Koleksiyoncu AleksandrBolev
The Great Gatsby
Koleksiyoncu Jay Gatsby
New York,1929. Bond-seller Nick Carraway, in a sanitarium for depression and alcoholism, is persuaded by his doctor to write a therapeutic account of what put him there. Nick's journal describes how, seven years earlier, he had moved to a tiny house on Lon
Slice of Life
Koleksiyoncu Fire_Salamander
General Slices of LIfe type gmaes and anime based/themed games as well.
Grid-based first person RPGs
Koleksiyoncu ashi
All grid-based first person RPGs on Steam Greenlight. You can visit our group for more information if you are interested in this genre. We have listed all games available right now on Steam, and all relatively modern handhelds plus iPhone. We a
Koleksiyoncu Jørgen
Do want
janek chleboski
Koleksiyoncu Gregus1337
SlendyTubbies (Series)
Koleksiyoncu UnPossible
My Greenlight Collection
Koleksiyoncu ✽r3dsn0w000™✽ [Cristi]
This collection consists of greenlight games and software recommended by ☆r3dsn0w000™☆ .
Koleksiyoncu I Can Only Bhop
Games de Sweet Dreams
Koleksiyoncu Sweet Dreams
Games of INTEREST!!!
Koleksiyoncu Al Cheddah
These are a collection of games that, for some reason or another, have piqued my curiosity. Chances are these will be something that will delight many a gamers, so I put the word out for folks who minght be interested. Check it out sometime!
Koleksiyoncu burningthunder1914
these are games that dont belong on steam and or have bad devs behind them. also Check out some good green light games as well. -Disputed Space -The Nullpoint http://steamcom
Mnemonic Runner 2120 A.D
Koleksiyoncu Trash
Mnemonic Runner 2120 A.D is a cyberpunk/punk roleplaying game set in the year 2120. A New Century, Age of Terminal Capitalism. The armored towers of multinational corperations rise above the ruins of the democracies that gave them birth. Soldiers of the
Greenlight games I would buy
Koleksiyoncu joan4003
Greenlight games I would buy. Mostly likely - Hidden object, Adventure, Action, Mystery, Puzzle, some RPGs, and miscellanous others. Generally family oriented and PG rated. Not a big Visual Novel fan (at least not the otome type). Definitely not a hor
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