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กำลังแสดง 1021-1050 จาก 3,004 รายการ
คอลเลคชันโดย: Shulillo
Mi coleccion
My Greenlight Favourites
คอลเลคชันโดย: NoVa
A list of games that I'd like to see released on Steam. Most of them are Platformers (with some exceptions).
The Chance
คอลเลคชันโดย: KAOS
Greenlight games that deserve an opportunity
Good Stuff That Should Have Already Been Released
คอลเลคชันโดย: CSilva
Just some games I think that should be already available on Steam. See for yourself and make your own judgement.
คอลเลคชันโดย: Moicano
Minha coleção de jogos que recomendo e que gostaria que fossem lançados.
GreenLight Col.1
คอลเลคชันโดย: mazbax
My list of games to greenlight
คอลเลคชันโดย: bondpat
These games deserve that green light!
Collection of 0zz's favorites
คอลเลคชันโดย: Ozzi
My collection of greenlight games I'm looking forward to or already have and recommend to others.
คอลเลคชันโดย: flwrkd
คอลเลคชันโดย: {{Waregalias}}
Venez pour découvrir une collection regroupant des nombreux jeux indépendants et très intéressants visibles sur GreenLight -- Come to discover a collection regrouping numerous independent games and very interesting visible on GreenLight !
Interesting Games
คอลเลคชันโดย: Dr. Satan
Green Collection
คอลเลคชันโดย: Shilow
waiting for the full release :3
Vox Cubi
คอลเลคชันโดย: TonyK
A collection of voxel-based games (a technique popularized by Minecraft)
like A dream
คอลเลคชันโดย: Really Mad ヽ(`⌒´メ)ノ
Degni di nota
คอลเลคชันโดย: hyperionx
Non la rende interessante un cazzo di nulla è solo una stupidissima collezione. I giochi aggiunti stabiliscono se è interessante o meno.
OREG: Oculus Rift Exploration Games
คอลเลคชันโดย: Arbiter
First Person Exploration Games (FPEGs) that support the Oculus Rift or similar VR technology.
Favorite Greenlight Games (Upcoming,Released,Etc...)
คอลเลคชันโดย: KrypTo 3000
my favorite indie games here on greenlight that i wanted to put together in a collection to make it easier for my friends and others to find the ones that i like easier credit for these cool and/or neat games go to their respective creators/developers....
Greenlight Favorites
คอลเลคชันโดย: 0369
Awesome games that I want to play on steam someday.
Amazing games
คอลเลคชันโดย: L3sLi3
Just a list of amazing games I like
คอลเลคชันโดย: Duck & Spray
je sais pas je test
These games need to be made.
คอลเลคชันโดย: de_ShizZzle
Games awaiting completion
คอลเลคชันโดย: Terd Berglure
nothing interesting here
must buy titles!
คอลเลคชันโดย: P4INKILL3R
buy them when available!
good games
คอลเลคชันโดย: Haydenh2
really good games i know the owners people i admirer and want to be like :)
Retina Desgastada Acredita
คอลเลคชันโดย: retinadesgastada
Alguns destes jogos eu experimentei, outros eu ouvi falar. Todos são boas apostas para entrar no Steam.
Pig-Min's pick.
คอลเลคชันโดย: [Pig-Min] mrkwang
mrkwang, admin of Pig-Min made this collection. Just personal.
คอลเลคชันโดย: Newton64
Games by Montreal hobbyists and hobbits.
Racing on Hot Burning Rubber: Shayabu's Picks
คอลเลคชันโดย: syb
Interesting Racing Games on steam
The GreenLight Blog Collection
คอลเลคชันโดย: CruJones83
This is the official collection for the Greenlight Blog. You can check us out at This is a list of games that we're excited about playing in the future and that we think you should take the time to vote for. You can le...
Fruitbat Factory games
คอลเลคชันโดย: PhleBuster[Fruitbat Factory]
This collection contains the entries for games localized by Fruitbat Factory.
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