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Greenlight Upvote !
ชุดสะสมโดย medamine_dghim
Consider to support Raid On Coasts please !
New Game Greenlight
ชุดสะสมโดย sky-of-stars
the indie and puzzle game collection
ชุดสะสมโดย Your Average Super Mexican Taco
Soloar's Creative Greenlight Collection
ชุดสะสมโดย ⇜SoloarWolv⇜ツ
This is My Most Amazing Greenlite collection the ones that are the best of the best! They are creative and well textured and also well story and visuals. I'm looking for the best of the best! :3
Upcoming Games
ชุดสะสมโดย dubmonster590
please support these games
Waffle's Picks
ชุดสะสมโดย {Anti} Ani
Can't wait! (ฅ>ω<*ฅ)
ชุดสะสมโดย 莉莉西亚
All Independent Games. Can't wait for release! (ฅ>ω<*ฅ)
Cool games
ชุดสะสมโดย Enurriel #=_-#
Spel och andra saker som jag vill ska till steam
ชุดสะสมโดย Aragorn2013swe
My collection
ชุดสะสมโดย ~LordhelmeT~
ชุดสะสมโดย Tridentgamer9
Just awesome.
GreenLight Games which Definately need to be Greenlgihted
ชุดสะสมโดย 2dgamemania
I'm going to set out by finding greenlight games which are created by 1 or 2 people that deserve to be in this collection, games that clearly can be seen as having alot of work put in, graphics dont matter so much but as long as theres gameplay and develop
Examples of games that SHOULD be greenlit
ชุดสะสมโดย Dr. Face || Kaosz
Here is a list of games that (in my opinion) deserve to be greenlit over the piles of shit that exist.
Gnarltoof's Recomended
ชุดสะสมโดย Rocket_Pop
Here's some great greenlight items!
ชุดสะสมโดย Once-ler
Am getting some Games on steam that look good.
cool game/stuff :3
ชุดสะสมโดย (Seinaru)SeinaruKuraiOkami (^_^)
Greenlight Games
ชุดสะสมโดย parkernovels89
Basic list... I pick what I like... That's all.
ชุดสะสมโดย ragnarok2055
New Greenlight Gems to look out! This is for Titles yet to come, as well for Titles who have been already released, but are not yet in my Steam Collection.
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