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Quickscoper Doge: The Dank Illuminati Memes
ชุดสะสมโดย xTyler73 Vote on Greenlight using the link above!
Shmups and more
ชุดสะสมโดย KUZE
shoot ’em up STG
ชุดสะสมโดย nevets
Indie Power
ชุดสะสมโดย mc.sensei76
Lo mejor del mundo Indie ;) The Best Of Indie World :)
Vote For These Awesome Games!
ชุดสะสมโดย CrazyDonkey
This are the list of cool, awesome and must have games on Greenlight that you really need to vote! When one or more games are GREENLIT , it will be removed of the list.
ชุดสะสมโดย ✠ Die Panzerkampfwagen ✠
Good Greenlight Ideas
ชุดสะสมโดย a penguin
Have you ever been looking through green light and realized that about 95% of the ideas are absolute garbage. Well here I only put the best of the best. Ones that i feel can make it in the gig. Note : Don't waste my time commenting crappy mobile to steam
ชุดสะสมโดย ☾✯ Kerem ☾✯
War Sound
ชุดสะสมโดย JnrBrain
Çok güzel içte like atın pls falan filan zaxd:D
ชุดสะสมโดย The secret gamer
um okay
Tilama Favorites
ชุดสะสมโดย Tilama
Interesting greenlight games
ชุดสะสมโดย Pepi
Horror games
Türkçe Greenlight Projeleri
ชุดสะสมโดย c00L
Bu koleksiyon, Steam Greenlight'ta bulunan ve Türkçe dil desteği içeren projelerin takip edilmesini sağlamaktadır. Burada yalnızca destek arayan projelere yer verilir. Yeşil ışık yakılan ya da mağazada yayımlanan projeler bu koleksiyondan çıkarılır. Alf
Video Game Cleavage Watchlist
ชุดสะสมโดย Soap P
At Video Game Cleave we like to stare at boobs. And this Collections are items which aren't necessarily good, but definitely caught our eye. Of course trowing boobs around is a cheap and easy way to get attention. Many of these titles will be ignored un
Corrosive Studios: Projects
ชุดสะสมโดย {=Corrosion=}
A collection of all projects created by Corrosive Studios.
ชุดสะสมโดย othermonk86
best sellers
ชุดสะสมโดย ᴛɪɴɢLᴇ
List of Anime Greenlight Items.This is a Collection for Anime/Manga themed games. My goal for this collection is to show that Steam is a suitable marketplace for Anime/Manga Games.
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