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Scott seal of approval
收藏者 duckols
Games on Greenlight that caught my eye, and that I would love to see approved.
You want them!
收藏者 Atraz
Indie/Retro VIdeo Game Showcase Collection
收藏者 The Great Shatsby
Indie/Retro Video Game Showcase's very own Greenlight collection! Featuring our very favorite games currently on Steam Greenlight. Go check out the games in this collection, and make you click "Yes."
Classic Bit Gaming
收藏者 DragonK
A great collection of platformers that both are nostalgic and fresh.
Awesome :)
收藏者 McMinnimizer
Games that look really good :)
收藏者 BOT maTT Bbj RxXxX
Esta coleção,vai mostrar os jogos mais interessantes e divertidos que estão no greenlight,
收藏者 Appa_Balloon
greenlight gameys
huw's Platform Games Collection
收藏者 無餡包子
huw's Platform Games Collection
Ohashi's Approval Seal :3
收藏者 But A Casual
Few random games :3
收藏者 nickolasprevolis
OPYoshi Factori
收藏者 OPYoshi Militari
In the Green
收藏者 Gaugin
Accompanied by the YouTube series, in which I bring up 5 games per week* that are trying to get greenlit. *Schedule might change
Retro Discovery
收藏者 Qu4ntumZero
A collection of retro style games that feature great gameplay and killer pixel art!
Indie games bundle
收藏者 DN20
Private MFG
收藏者 The_Momo
gichi piaciuti
收藏者 [VMVD] Bael67
i giochi che mi sono piaciuti in greenlight
good games
收藏者 Connor
games que eu gostaria que existisem!!!
收藏者 AY| Luis-e-Jake | #Nescau
收藏者 BlazingSlime
Worthwhile Hopes
收藏者 ryukinix
Just waiting for this.
jogos fodoes
收藏者 Eregon51 2 0 0 % P U T A Ç O
收藏者 Reverse Nicholas
Games made by Nitrome.
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