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收藏者 Kettenmorder
收藏者 Drey
The Games I want on Steam
Vehicles&Machine Sim
收藏者 Binco
收藏者 Phoenix Salvatore
The rare items that peak my interests
收藏者 darkstormyrain
Its hard to grab my attention so anything here did just that...
收藏者 Fire Cat
Portal 1 & 2
Five Nights at Freddy's
收藏者 Сow
the freddy's
收藏者 michele.s
收藏者 sushi
actually not
收藏者 Donate MMR
for level
Bad Games
收藏者 Big Tonerd
NIDAN Software.
收藏者 neomahakala108
Jocuri Interesante
收藏者 Mihnea11211
Aceasta colectie este dedicata celor care cauta jocuri ieftine dar fruboase!!!
收藏者 🔯Sera²🔯
This is mah collections
Stuff I want that will probably never be greenlit
收藏者 Salad Stonesman
These games are of such high calibur that Gabe Newell's jealousy will never allow them to be greenlit. Enjoy your no games.
Amazing Bits
收藏者 Iwo Jima
Collection Of Bits. Just Bits. Nothing More. BITS
RWBY Grimm Eclipse
收藏者 Hades
Juegos Op por venir
收藏者 Arcxangel23
juegos que me parecen muy buenos y desearia verlos en stea.
收藏者 [2S-03] John Doe
收藏者 Superfkr
This is games
Cool Stuffs
收藏者 Sano
Jocuri Preferate
收藏者 #BhCity#
收藏者 Kutar FOX
收藏者 (NFH) Chojin
İlginç ve Denemeye Değer Oyunlar
收藏者 maxi
İlginç ve Denemeye Değer Oyunlar
Titles that I Show Interest In
收藏者 SirDannyMacFinn
This collection is of video games that I show interest in. Things ranging from concepts to greenlight to fully released games. You'll get a taste of what kinds of games I like, and maybe you'll discover something you like too. Enjoy
收藏者 Otterpop
These are all Greenlight Action-RPG's that i find interesting and that look promising and fun. Games in tthis collection will all fall under the Action and top down shooter genre's and most will be RPG's.
Future Games
收藏者 zatro
is a idea I have!!
收藏者 LittleContrast
Things I want on Steam
收藏者 [HABEEB]Twinkie House
Things I'd just love to see in my Steam games library.
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