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Titles Worth Your Time
收藏者: ProbableEffect
Titles that are totally worth your time. All in one complete Greenlight Guide for the lazy.
power to the el sword
收藏者: jdennis303
This collection will show the game El sword and how this can be the game ever. you can win k-ching, were you can spend it on cool outfits, weapons, and even pets! you also can do events there is an event every week so you will always have some thing to d...
收藏者: Leschaps
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Vote and Favorite these Games!
收藏者: Dreamgirl
Please join me in voting to get these games on Steam!
AAA - Triple A - Capable Greenlight Games
收藏者: Meister_Wolo
This collections includes "Greenlight Games" which have the size, the quality and potential to be "Triple A Titles". General Citeria - games can be included which are not finished yet. - ingame video footage must be available. - games that predi...
收藏者: j.c303
Titulo de colección
收藏者: Crazuu
Descripción de colección
The Dude's Top Picks
收藏者: Mr. Orange™
These are my picks for quality games that should be added to Steam. Hope you agree!
Apelantis - Picks of the Litter
收藏者: Bate
no crap - just awesomeness
GCC Steam Greenlight Fantasy League Contest - Tracy's picks
收藏者: brianbcdefg123
The Steam Greenlight Fantasy League Contest is a fun competition to see who can predict the outcome of Steam Greenlight games the best. Competitors select a group of games and arrange them in positions of a baseball team. The team that scores the most poi...
beat 'em ups
收藏者: tuskegeesquardon
a collection of crazy co-op head bashing games
Games I Play
收藏者: The Fuggler
These are the Titles I am more than likely to play over other games.
my collection
收藏者: Hogran
this is the stuff i like
Games That Need To Be Greenlit!!!!
收藏者: Julianos917
Best games ever
收藏者: Joshua_kun
Favorite games
收藏者: JunctionFunction
Best games
JayRay pack green light
收藏者: ☆♫☢ JayRay ☢♫☆
:D fajna
His Good GammersHis Good GammersHis Good GammersHis Good GammersHis Good GammersHis Good GammersHis Good GammersHis Good GammersHis Good GammersHis Good GammersHis Good GammersHis Good GammersHis Good GammersHis Good GammersHis Good GammersHis Good Gammer...
收藏者: Brennan
For me
收藏者: Brick Bazuka
just for me
I have no taste
收藏者: NPC
Green fire these babies. Mkay! Do it for Amerika! It's what Bill Bob would have wanted.
Steam Cellector Wazyx
收藏者: OS-Wazyx
Mes votes, mes jeux, mon Steam !
Jake picks
收藏者: 'Jake'
Greenlit items that look interesting
cool games
收藏者: Soalcalibur
cool games
收藏者: ☢☣㊛My_Life_Story㊛☣☢
I hope this helps with people decieding what games they should get over the yeara or Days atleast but if you know which games you like i i hope u subscribe thxx.
Awsome Games
收藏者: skavery
Top Collection
收藏者: Alda Bergr
According to me
must plays
收藏者: Spectre_/
Games that you need too buy and play most likely indie devs Lunar Software's Routine etc
收藏者: Shinden-JPN
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