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Ellitopia's Greenlight Watchlist
收藏者 ellbristow
A collection of games we're keeping our eye on at Ellitopia Gaming. Some of these we've covered in First PLay videos on our YouTube channel already, some we're waitign to get our greasy mits on... all of them we think you shoudl be keeping an eye on!
Kuritho's Greenlight Collection
收藏者 Kuritho
A list of games I really want (need in order to live).
Logion's Steam Greenlight picks
收藏者 logion
This is my pickings of the steam greenlight games. It consists mostly of games I have played, or heard of. But there are some games there that I also just think are interesting.
收藏者 GalaxySound
Miku stuff.
Games I Have Recorded
收藏者 Xel'crin
This collection contains games that I have recorded and reviewed on my channel. You can check out a video for each game at the download below! Channel:
收藏者 asked_
Только лучшее!
收藏者 arcoMT*
Bear's Pit Greenlight Favourites
收藏者 Shanga
Bear's Pit is all about tactical squad games that inherit the legacy of our all time favorite - the epic Jagged Alliance. We'll support and promote any indie developer that dares to take on this challenge.
Horny Plays Greenlight Picks
收藏者 dmcclccam
收藏者 Xulingue® +ĐƗ1ØØØ
Things I like
收藏者 Mewman22
Things I like and that should be on Steam
Space Related games
收藏者 Guy_From_Hell
The games related to space travels that I like.
Team Awesome Awesomeness's Games to Vote For
收藏者 fisH
The best of the best Indie games that we can't wait to play and deserve your love as well.
收藏者 TAC
My Greenlight picks
Ok Light
收藏者 Don't Shoot Me
Worth Watching
收藏者 auriel013
Groupee Noobee
收藏者 Hiræther Harbinger de Behçet
Games put through STEAM Greenlight by Groupees for various charities.
My Vote Collections
收藏者 Prospekt
GettysTube Greenlight Collection
收藏者 Getty
This collection includes all Greenlight games that have been featured on the GettysTube channel. Please consider supporting them by voting them up.
Looks promising
收藏者 Internet Explorer
A list of games which looks promising for me.
Voatavo´s Collection
收藏者 Voatavo
Meine Lieblingsspiele in einer Kollektion
Unique Games
收藏者 Xerxes Odysseus
It is a collection of unique games that have unique mechanics and unique graphics.
Cant wait!
收藏者 Kancer
Stuff I cant wait to play.
收藏者 Esoteric Nudist
收藏者 B.I.G Cha$k
Esta coleccion destaca los juegos que me llaman la atencion en lo personal me gustan los juegos de aventuras y mas en todo shooters por lo cual veras muchos juegos de ese estilo hehe ;D.
收藏者 Bigguns 93
Indies geniales
收藏者 Daniel J. Murphy
Juegos hechos por profesionales con espiritu, auténticos artesanos, no hacedores de comida rápida.
Greenlight Space
收藏者 Alpharius
Want to be on steam
收藏者 Esoteric Nudist
IS Defense
收藏者 ___Дед___Мазай_________
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