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收藏者 Yova
Colección de juegos españoles en Steam Greenlight que han aparecido en el blog de DeVuego (
收藏者 蛟.Mhiaw
Greek Devs
收藏者 Frank
You can find here all the games on Greenlight by Greek developers. If there are any games missing, please leave a comment or send me a PM .
收藏者 JiaMing
Kolekcja gier
收藏者 Matis
Tutaj będą znajdować się gry które są warte uwagi, na które warto zagłosować.
Midnart's Games
收藏者 Midnart
Games by Midnart
收藏者 PatricK_CruZ
Meus favoritos da GreenLight
Shmups and more
收藏者 KUZE
shoot ’em up STG
#MadewithFusion games on Greenlight
收藏者 kisguri
Check out these awesome games #MadewithFusion looking for your help on Greenlight!
收藏者 World Slayer Team
JRPGs on Greenlight and games inspired by JRPGs. Only games that has yet to pass Greenlight OR passed it but not yet released. If I'm missing a game, let me know or write about it in the comments :)
War Sound
收藏者 JnrBrain
War Thunder Sountrack .
Honorable Mentions
收藏者 AlainTheFrench
Sometimes in gaming history, the great lights of creativity shine flawlessly in special and gifted minds, spawning works of art that take away our breath and bring hours, days or even years of fun, terror, joy and pleasure. This collection aims to select t
收藏者 venØM 。。(サン二)
Games I want Xarabas to Gift me on The Winter Sale
收藏者 Gin the Starving Cat
Buy me games Xarabas
Awesome Adventure Games
收藏者 Tex Murphy
The following is a list of awesome adventure games that need to be on Steam! These games all tell amazing stories that pull the player into immersive worlds. These games are fun, exciting, thrilling, and never boring! Everyone should give these games a try
Pixel Universe
收藏者 Nekuma
My greenlit games
收藏者 AGS | Dreas
This is a collection of my greenlit games.
收藏者 Оспа
Horror Games
收藏者 kylielynx
collection of fantastic horror games...
Games withs heart
收藏者 Nyenor401
Games that i foun interesting. I prefer new fresh ideas.
Portal Mods
收藏者 Cryo Pyro
This is simply a collection of Portal 1 & 2 mods.
收藏者 /) L I E N K I Y
Killing Floor 2 Katana
收藏者 ♀ console gamer ♀
CPG Nerd Rage Collection
收藏者 Curdle_Sanders
Official Collection of the Podcast Nerd Rage found at The cast hosts scan Greenlight multiples times a day and find the true nuggets in the mound of games that is Greenlight The cast host also try to reach out to developer
ultima online for life
收藏者 fleshrender
i fell in love with ultima a bit over 11 years ago. When i first saw it i said it looks like shit vs games i normaly play, but a friend talked me into trying it. Here i am over 11 years later still playing. Ultima is not just a game its a world where you c
Master Of Elements
收藏者 Tandatek
Gamer Brains
收藏者 ♛ goldfox87 ︻╦≓═一
收藏者 Kuzymich
Rare gems
收藏者 lagis
Greenlight is full of crap. Here are the rare gems I have managed to find so far.
Henjo's Picks
收藏者 Henjo
Just a collection of games Ive stumpled upon that I think deserves a shot. They might not all be far in development but I can see some appeal in them :D
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