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Greenlit by sebrOck
收藏者 sebrOck^
The title says it all
Games to get excited about
收藏者 Epiales
These are the upcoming games on Greenlight that I'm excited about. As I don't get excited easily by games, they're probably worth checking out. ;-)
8 bits
收藏者 Moofin
Most Wanted Steam Games - Greenlight (Personal List)
收藏者 Redtail
Great Games
收藏者 Richard |
The Greatest Games Chosen By Renly
Awesome Indie Games
收藏者 Lord_Wicki
This is a collection of awesome Indie Developers and all the hard work they have put into their love of games.
Games to look foward to!
收藏者 ☁WASD☁CloudTF☆☮✌\
Game list
收藏者 Street
Green Wishlist
收藏者 Cleowolf
A gallery of games that have captured my interest,curiousity to possiably purchase or free play them. If they ever become avaiable on the Steamline Store.
收藏者 D1gital Reaper
This is the collection of all the games that are Greenlit, Aka Approved!
WoolyBugs Greenlight Favorites
收藏者 Yukon Cornelius
WoolyBug's favorite Greenlight games and products. Note: Items here are listed as being a favorite at the time they are added. Features being removed or changed can cause an item to be removed from this list.
GCC Steam Greenlight Fantasy League Content - Brian's picks
收藏者 brianbcdefg123
The Steam Greenlight Fantasy League Contest is a fun competition to see who can predict the outcome of Steam Greenlight games the best. Competitors select a group of games and arrange them in positions of a baseball team. The team that scores the most poin
green light
收藏者 steve1bob
Greenlight 'Em!
收藏者 Faele
Some cool games to check out. :)
Top 5 Greenlight Games
收藏者 John_Bigless CZ/ENG
The Five Games That I Most Like
收藏者 J.J. Mac
Salsa's Greenlight (Salsa Nos Seus Jogos)
收藏者 Salsa
Essa é a coleção "Salsa Nos Seus Jogos" de sugestões de Greenlight. Se existem jogos a serem lançados que merecem o seu voto, com certeza eles estão aqui! Nem que seja um deles! Mas lembrando também que esta lista não é exclusiva, existem diversos títulos
Greenlight Items
收藏者 4UA[SmileyFace]
A collection to keep track of Greenlight Items.
VR games for greenlight
收藏者 wheatgrinder
VR GAMES TO GREENLIGHT A collection of VR games looking for greenlight Please help bring VR to the masses! There are a few great products, Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive to name to big ones, but we need more content! Vote yes if you can.
Concept games worth checking
收藏者 Magraen
A small collections of the best games I've seen on Greenlight, with an interesting concept and a good realisation.
[ Greenlit an eye #.# ]
收藏者 Dark Riddler
Some promising / alternative games.
Greenlight goodies
收藏者 GT_Cloud
Basically any greenlight games that i like end up here. Now i am not saying that they will be successful but its just that i like the game and its concept. Only games which fill the greenlight criteria will be added (i.e shows game play , seriously
WalBao's greenlight collection
收藏者 WalBao
Here I keep greenlight games that piqued my interest in one way or another. Horror games, simulations, rpgesque stuff, action and indies, the good stuff in general. Multiplayer / co-op is desireable but not necessary.
Playable Picks
收藏者 Kronos
Interesting games on Greenlight that have some playable form available, whether it's a demo, prototype, open/closed alpha or beta or even a final release that's just not available on Steam... basically anything that you can actually try out now.
Jinx's Greenlight Favorites
收藏者 Jinx
Games worth checking out on Greenlight- vote them up!
Ylariv's Steam GreenLight Favs
收藏者 Ergaster_Evolved
Voici les jeux que j'aimerais voir disponible sur Steam!
收藏者 TipsyTiny
interesting games
Steam Greenlight
收藏者 Amirite
Steam Greenlight
Pax East Indie Highlights
收藏者 PhyreMatrix
A few of the indies I got to demo at PAX East this year. A couple of them are promising and have made their way to Greenlight. Check them out and show some love.
收藏者 Anindyo
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