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Plant vs. Zombie
收藏者: Captain Blep Bop
This Collection is About Plant vs. Zombie.Please Add This Collection To Your Collection.Thank you!
Old School Games
收藏者: ☆☆打☢Muxxer☢打☆☆
Collection of all the games in style of the eighties or nineties, pixelated games or games with 3D "primitive" graphics. Constantly adding new games to the extent that it finds. I would appreciate being told of any game they like that are in my collect...
My 2014 Greenlight Favorites
收藏者: Jedo
This is a collection of greenlight games I've favorited and followed recently (2014).
Strategy RPG
收藏者: T-13
Games that have both stratgic and RPG elements. Such as Heroes of Might and Magic, FFT, Orge Battle, Orge Tactics, Blue Bahumut, etc,
Anime collection
收藏者: eva.Otaku.™
Here you'll find anime games that are maybe released soon ;'D
Strange Games I Would Actually Buy, Unless they're Already Free!
收藏者: Guides for Games
Hilarious and weird games you should get just for that fact
My Steam Greenlight Collection. (I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THESE GAMES)
收藏者: Slenderman
A collection of games I like and want to be released on Steam.
收藏者: The Captain
Greenlight Games on Bundles
收藏者: devotee
Greenlight games that where featured on game bundles.
BlueBatch - Greenlight Batches
收藏者: Mightyy
Today we’ve collected another batch of titles to be featured, and advance through Steam Greenlight, and be offered worldwide distribution via Steam. These titles have been silently Greenlit so we’ve come along to solve this issue. Join the SteamGr...
bons jogos
otimos jogos
Goods Life Steam
收藏者: LifeDeathAngels
В разработке!
Games I Played
收藏者: Wolfe the Furry gamer
I've time travelled into the future and have played these games AND THEY ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Other Game's
收藏者: Mr.Faraday
Here you will find a lot of different games for you. This collection is formed as a game genres such as RPG, Shooter, Horror and many more
收藏者: yelo kubo
A collection of the best legitimate games on Steam GreenLight
ẽSb Ĵøkĭll - horror games
收藏者: ẽSb Ĵøkĭll
заходим и смотрим , страшные игры . Come and look , horror games .
NES & Game Boy Styled Games
收藏者: Mephitio
A collection of games with a NES or Game Boy art style.
收藏者: Someone1
horror c:
Anime Games
收藏者: Khayron
Jrpgs, sims, strategy and other types of anime style games that i like.
Shrapnel Inc.
收藏者: Xenioz {Shrapnel Inc. Owner}
A collection of all the Shrapnel Inc games.
收藏者: Obayami
收藏者: nochnoikoshmar1
Profecias do Felix
收藏者: Felix
Jogos que trarão inovações ao mundo dos games.
收藏者: ジュリアン
A personal collection, to keep track of cyberpunky game I find on Greenlight. Cyberpunk is a Speculative Fiction genre centered around the transformative effects of advanced science, information technology, computers and networks ("cyber") coupled with...
Best Concepts
收藏者: DinoBatt
Things I like
收藏者: Mewmann22
Things I like and that should be on Steam
收藏者: Mr_Raden
Hidden Object Games on Greenlight
收藏者: Chudah
Collection of Hidden Object Games currently on Greenlight compiled by Hidden Object Gamers (HOGGroup).
Horror <3
收藏者: Kiara_Valentine
Every kind of Horror is Welcome <3
dude this is awesome
收藏者: totashi777
These are games I am impressed with while greenlighting, which I do often. Hope you enjoy.
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