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Games I Recommend
收藏者 Elijah Berry
Just games that I recommend for different reasons. Biggest reason is that I just love the game, but I tend to have reasons for it. Such as games that are unique or best in the genre in my own opinion. Take a look into these!
Smorgle's Awesome Mix-Up
收藏者 Smorgle
This is a miniscule assortment of some random games on Greenlight that I think are pretty dandy. If you admire any of them, feel free to let the developer know by commenting and rating their game. The collection consists of : 1. Unkown Realm: The
Ender`s Games
收藏者 endER
Greenlight Games I Upvoted
收藏者 Ktyli
Help the community pick the next games to be made available on Steam! Browse through entries in Steam Greenlight (Look under your Community Tab for Greenlight), leave feedback, and upvote games you want to see on Steam.
Greenlight stuff I like
收藏者 霧海切雲
收藏者 arcbravo
收藏者 Alay ; [ BARUT ]
收藏者 August Moor
Los titulos mas prometedores a salir segun mi criterio.
收藏者 Shadow-Trooper F7
Spiele die ich gerne mal im STeamshop hätte ;).
收藏者 BonSK
dont drop the soap
收藏者 Daneyoable51
A.D.M.E.P.C.S.C. Games
收藏者 Moustafa ELwasif
Best Games of A.D.M.E.P.C.S.C., created by Moustafa ELwasif and his developers team.
收藏者 ✪ divin1ty
收藏者 ✪ nRapex ✪
Bu kolleksiyon çok nadir eşyalarla ve imkansız eşyalarla dolucaktır
收藏者 Snek
Coleccion de juegos
收藏者 Adriansgt73
Pues aqui tengo los juegos que mas me gustan ;)
收藏者 Äвтор
ТОП Редакторов машин !!!
Ministry of Chaos Approved Titles
收藏者 [MoC]Drakkyn
This collection contains titles that are officially approved for play.
Kawaii Anime (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
收藏者 ˚♡ραɳ∂α✧鿆˚
Its Kawaii Anime Collection ! If you like anime ofc :3.. Il help you ◤(¬‿¬)◥ ★                   ★       ★            ★                   ★       ★  ★     ★         ★           ★         ★      ★     ★         ★ ●/ /▌ / \
收藏者 CAN
Projects by my friends
收藏者 Ritterbush
Keeping track of the amazing games by people I know. Please give them your support.
Shailene Woodley <3
收藏者 ⎠⎞Neko⎛⎝
In and out, and all around.
收藏者 irish
mature audience
Greenlight stuff that looks interesting.
收藏者 Mickmane
I noticed the 'add to collection' button, and thought it might be a good idea to start keeping track of those I look at and find interesting.
收藏者 Russia
Collection Top
收藏者 picci81
Рекомендованные игры
收藏者 Barsan
Сдесь будут популярные или известные игры в своем кругу. Я буду выбирать и добавлять их сюда, естественно по моему вкусу. Бывает, что мой вкус не будет совпадать с вашим, но это дело времени. Мне кажется, что вам понравиться. Смотрите мою коллекцию, спасиб
Waiting for release
收藏者 tadanosimesaba
Collections to be sure to buy when released.
indienat select
收藏者 FK〟
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