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Upvote Plz!
收藏者: Sireth
Upvote please =)
收藏者: albertoal22
jocuri pentu syeam
looks awesome
收藏者: Graveshadow
收藏者: ◢◤Avicii◢◤
check it out guys! :D
收藏者: umi
Jogos que merecem atenção
收藏者: dmextremme
Jogos que devo ficar de olho, parecem ser bons . . . muito bons.
Soon-to-be-Steam Games
收藏者: RobKabob
收藏者: steinleger
Nope Nope Nope 凸(¬_¬)凸
收藏者: ◢◤NoQxyGen◢◤
404 Not Found
Half Life Mod
收藏者: ERICs753
Half Life Best Modifications
Tywyllach's Greenlight Collection
收藏者: Tywyllach
Games you should vote for or check out :D Tried to add most of the games that I thought were noteable but some aren't on Greenlight. So the few that aren't on I'll just add them in the descrpition. I'll update from time to time. - Moon Hunters (Ki...
Jeux Fr
收藏者: Trivone87
Collection de différent jeux possédant une version française.
Gud Gamez
收藏者: Dark Lord von Crayola
gaemz dat look liek they gonna be gud
Greenlight Games
收藏者: NAJAxBR
收藏者: Alenoxu
Games em espera
收藏者: RAMBO
hahaha wtf ?
收藏者: ambrosinothegamer17
Games with Potential
收藏者: hmhmm
games that are different/interesting
Steam Greenlight Round up
收藏者: Chris
A collection of all the best/favourite Greenlight games I've voted for on the Steam Greenlight Round Up show (recorded live on Twitch and shared on YouTube). Steam Greenlight Round Up is recorded live 7:30am (GMT) every weekday morning on twitch. Twitc...
收藏者: {ES-RG} Medicine
收藏者: 「Smegit」
Panda's Indie Games!
收藏者: Nameless
This is just some games I like and want to share with you all. Also there's some software but who cares? (I care.)
Uncraft Me
收藏者: Awkward Potato [CREATZ] -Owner
Nothing to see here... hahahahahh
Bundled Games
收藏者: Miblo
A collection of games I own from bundles that haven't yet arrived in the Steam Store.
Games i want
收藏者: MurdersBane
the games i want.
good games
收藏者: blackplatinum.selesia
these are games that I've played or want to play
mods that should be games
收藏者: Santa Brownie
this collection will contain certain things, that I hope to play in the near future
the bests
收藏者: vinix30
vai ser legal
Green Light
收藏者: Gerbil
Best games EVER like Half Life - Black Mesa
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