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收藏者 какая разница?
greenlight pack v.2
收藏者 ֍FoxusHun֍
HU (magyar) Steam Zőld út csomag v.2 Itt találhatjátok meg azokat a játékokat amik nagyobb érdeklődést mutatnak a Steam Zöld úton. Illetve azokat a játékokat is amelyeket a szerkesztőségünk is jónak talált. EN (English) Steam Greenlight pack v.2
收藏者 .Hartliss.
GL games that make you get that fuzzy feeling.
Indie Games :D
收藏者 🎃★❄©[🆅🅰🅻🆅🅴]®HunterSLAYER!™🎃★❄
Collection of Indie Games that i've planned to buy(and you should TOO!) if they ever made it on STEAM "Indie Game" collection Avatar/image taken from: "Play Indie" background/banner taken f
Games intersted in.
收藏者 Blueice12
Incredible Ideas
收藏者 Qornet
A collection of the most interesting and unusual projects in Greenlight.
Greenlight wishlist
收藏者 Ape
Steam GreenLight
收藏者 Mokami Estia
Favorite Greenlights(Classics)
收藏者 Sneakablez
收藏者 GREK
Steam Greenlight Fighting Games
收藏者 KemetWarlord17
Every fighting game upcoming or greenlit for Steam.
Worst greenlight games
收藏者 Leif
Join us at
Games Worth Supporting!
收藏者 Sumarlidi
This list was made to show the games which set themselves apart from the rest based on a certain degree of : Originality, Quality of Gameplay, Replayablilty, and Graphics.
Space real-time, exploration.
收藏者 Grobbs
Open worlds all types of celestial objects are represented: galaxies, nebulae, stars and star clusters, planets and moons, comets and asteroids. Mind blowing games.
收藏者 BralamPT
Really checking what this is about....
收藏者 ✪ FR0ZEN
Indie Sport Managers
收藏者 Mixet Murri
Indie sports and racing games simulators and managers. Juegos independientes de deportes y carreras, managers y simuladores.
Now available/or soon to be available for purchase
收藏者 joan4003
Greenlight games moved from "What I would buy" collection. The following games are now avaialble or will soon be available for purchase.
Game that should be made!!!
收藏者 PaintyChihuahua
Make them ;3
Enkhbat's best
收藏者 Karma+
收藏者 J.J. Mac
the indie and puzzle game collection
收藏者 ✪Robot Gaming✪
Deserve The Green
收藏者 lividlegion
Waiting for it ..
收藏者 Marwan_SA
Games I voted Yes on Greenlight
收藏者 zeThib
game I have voted yes on Greenlight.
VR games for greenlight
收藏者 wheatgrinder
VR GAMES TO GREENLIGHT A collection of VR games looking for greenlight Please help bring VR to the masses! There are a few great products, Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive to name to big ones, but we need more content! Vote yes if you can.
Concept games worth checking
收藏者 Magraen
A small collections of the best games I've seen on Greenlight, with an interesting concept and a good realisation.
Greenlight Items
收藏者 4UA[SmileyFace]
A collection to keep track of Greenlight Items.
收藏者 Ciuis
Steam Greenlight
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