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Игры в которые стоит поиграть!!!
收藏者 GomeR
收藏者 SlayerYoutub
Must Buy Games
收藏者 ☁ BAKER
Self explained; Must have games! :P
Fun Stuff
收藏者 Flowey the flower
Fun games/DLC/Mods.Now taking request!
Games and other things that I want to be able on steam
收藏者 Aragorn2013swe,
Games and other things that I want to be able to play on steam
Greenlight Games
收藏者 sT0n3r
Greenlight Games to keep an eyes on :)
收藏者 Ciuis
Steam Greenlight
bons jogos
otimos jogos
Greenlight games that you should know about
收藏者 bandwidthoracle
This is the Citizen Kane of Steam Greenlight game lists.
lo mejor de lo mejor
收藏者 Hunk "Señor Muerte"
I wanna see it on Steams!
收藏者 [TTRO] MooChaqaman
To be fair..... it's just games I personally want to see on steam. Keep it quiet.... they're too good for them out there! ;)
Essa Luz, É Claro Que É Verde!
收藏者 Salsa
Todos os jogos que já passaram ou irão passar pelo canal Salsa Nos Seus Jogos! Todos eles receberam ou estão em processo de receber a luz verde do Steam. Vai que você consegue acesso antecipado em alguns desses jogos, seja através de demos, kickstarter, in
Jeux Greenlight
收藏者 ☢D!amantDev!l☢
收藏者 Noble Judgment
it has stuff
Emergency Simulator Games
收藏者 .Sinofender Hijo de Apacigüer
Juegos de simulacion de emergencias
Different Games
收藏者 necross.reversed
Different Games, for different tastes
Survival Games
This is a collection of very good Survival games that I enjoy or if they are not out look promising. I hope you like the games I put in too.
Games by White Giant RPG Studios
收藏者 JoshMellon
White Giant RPG Studios, LLC arose from the desire to share the final result of over three-thousand hours of intensive development, a dedicated army of game testers, countless refinements, and extensive gaming experience. The final product is Last Dream, t
收藏者 Borja
Juegos interesantes
Arse Turnips (Games I'd like)
收藏者 Piehands
Just a collection of games I've come across (fnarr) on Greenlight that I'd really like to own.
收藏者 SlickSamurai
Games - Shooters
收藏者 Cyber Drive (BLR)
Games - Shooters
must have
收藏者 dr.scratch77
收藏者 Force Staff
all useless/troll simulator
收藏者 lukem87
Green Listerino
收藏者 ArisuTowa
A compilation of adventure, survival, horror and other good indie games.
Greenlight Items
收藏者 4UA[SmileyFace]
A collection to keep track of Greenlight Items.
DivineClaw Favorite Greenlight Items
收藏者 RiivvaaL <3 SBOBETASIA.COM
I love Simulator Games,Role Play Game, and First Person Shooter. So,here is some what i Supported Games on Greenlight that queued to Released on Steam Store,hopefully you can find Some Interest Game from my list :D
3D First Person Games of Different Kinds
收藏者 vtastek
3D First Person Survivals, RPGs, Puzzles, Simulations, Immersive Sims, Tactical Shooters...
Techno's Lovely Adventure Picks
收藏者 Techno
Here are the 3D adventure games on Greenlight I find the most interesting, relaxing, or simply immersive. Does not include point-and-click adventure games.
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