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Horror <3
收藏者 Kiara_Valentine
Every kind of Horror is Welcome <3
Awesome Games
收藏者 Kamilla
Games with Dinosaurs
收藏者 FestiveParrot™
A Collection with some Good Looking Games that have and/or involve Dinosaurs PS: Feel free to suggest some games to add as long as they have Dinosaurs
收藏者 Cold Miunix ❄
Awesome Greenlight
收藏者 SamuelTheWinner
Some cool Games that I like!
收藏者 hungie
A collection of the best legitimate games on Steam GreenLight
Greenlight Love
收藏者 Seddi
I have a terrible short-term memory, and often find myself remarking upon games I was rooting for making it, then promptly forgotting in my often hectic day-to-day. This is a list of all the delightful things I've set my sights on and am dying to see come
收藏者 boobasawk
So this is just a ton of awesome games i found on greenlight!
Georgia Games
收藏者 hdiandrew
Georgia has the seventh largest game development community in the country, producing numerous innovative games. Support the developers' creations through this collection, and join us at SIEGE ( in October.
收藏者 Tridentgamer9
Just awesome.
Challak: Survival
收藏者 Challak
These games are usually a simulation sandbox in style, with the focus being able to survive the elements or a naturally hostile world using what you can scavenge, hunt, gather, and craft yourself. Though they may possess some small element of horror in tha
The Best of Steam Greenlight
收藏者 Shiinyu
This is the collection of the best things that can be found on Steam Greenlight. Greenlit, or not.
The best from GreenLight
收藏者 lrslzk
Games That I Like
收藏者 DaenerysTargaryen<3
This is a collection for my favorite games,which i really like.Please post me more Games and don´t be afraid i check them and maybe your game is in this list.And don´t be afraid send me a friends request :D
Roguelikes that own
收藏者 unkind
Collection of roguelike games and rpg-ish games I want to play very badly or already love :D
收藏者 sebastianangel1
I like a lot of games from valve. Their game's are AWESOME and I like them all.
Rate Up
收藏者 Alpha Imperial
Things that must be rated.
收藏者 tx3ma
Good games
收藏者 DaVici
My currently favourite greenlight projects.
New / Indie
收藏者 doctor
unlreleased / indie / greenlight
收藏者 Kuredo
Lola's favorite finds
收藏者 Lola
I've been playing games for decades, I currently work for MWEB GameZone as a video games journalist and I cover eSports for Bravado Gaming. If there's one thing I know, it's video games.
Thunderbolt Greenlight Collection
收藏者 Calvin
Greenlight's Greatest
收藏者 templar #warfortheatlas
It's all a matter of opinion of course, but these are the games that have stood out most to me, whether because of a unique art style, interesting gameplay, or a zany story.
Driv3n greenlight games from bundles
收藏者 Driv3n``.
Here my list of my greenlight games, bought on differents bundles. I'm waiting them steam keys.
收藏者 Heyqx
I Would Definitely Buy
收藏者 Kiss_Of_Kill
Games I would buy without thinking.
Dilly likes 'em old! ... School. Uhh. Old-school.
收藏者 DillyTodds
Did you like ye olde NES/SNES/Genesis games? I did. I still do, in fact. So I tend to like the more retro-styles of games - especially retro games that aren't afraid to take a new approach or bring a different perspective to established, tried-and-true med
Addictive Indies
收藏者 Hacharma213
Addictive indie videogames that probably will give you a lot of fun hours.
The Drastik Measure GREENLIGHT Collection
收藏者 Draul - 12 Days of Indie is LIVE
This is a collection of the top games chosen by Draul from Draul plays all kind of games but has a strong belief in coop. So most of these games will be co-op. Those that aren't are most likely rpgs. Draul will also try to r
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