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收藏者 mAki-notrade3days
Independent Truck Company Car
收藏者 AleksandrBolev
Games i would like to keep an eye on
This is a collection of games that i want to support and keep an eye on.
The Great Gatsby
收藏者 Jay Gatsby
New York,1929. Bond-seller Nick Carraway, in a sanitarium for depression and alcoholism, is persuaded by his doctor to write a therapeutic account of what put him there. Nick's journal describes how, seven years earlier, he had moved to a tiny house on Lon
janek chleboski
收藏者 Gregus1337
收藏者 De_Russia
My Mystery Puzzle Collection
收藏者 Pinkamena
This Collection of games are Puzzle based.
Quality Productions
收藏者 Ion
This collection holds Greenlight titles that I believe have a great value, may it be related to their production value or gameplay qualities. These titles should make it to Steam. I'm excluding Free to Play titles in this collection.
Slice of Life
收藏者 Fire_Salamander
General Slices of LIfe type gmaes and anime based/themed games as well.
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