Portal 2
歡迎來到光圈科技實驗中心,對於實驗精神努力不懈者的歸屬。輕鬆創造、分享並遊玩由《傳送門 2》社群設計的測驗室。想像力就是您的創造力!為科學盡一份心力吧!
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Thinking Beyond Portals - Chapter 01
收藏者 Price
Approaching more bizzare problem solving abilities and creating more intriquate puzzles, this series is sure train even experienced Portal players how to think outside of the 'outside of the box'. Merely a prologue of a longer series of collections, these
worthless chambers
收藏者 Celliss
y ru even here
Mikeastro's Logic Maps
收藏者 Mikeastro
A collection of maps that involve pure logic reasoning. They range from quite easy to actually rather difficult. I hope that anyone who happens to stumble upon this collection has fun solving them! Suggestions, remarks or other things you would want t
Original Rooms: 1 to 24
收藏者 ozchamp.wgt
These are the first 24 puzzle maps that I created
Коллекция моих карт портал 2
收藏者 Thespace34 Skinaction.ru
Albertolardero's Solo Chambers 1
收藏者 Albertolardero
Bisqwit's glitch-dependent puzzles
收藏者 Bisqwit
Puzzles that you must know and use a glitch to solve. In these puzzles I first teach the principles to the player, before requiring them.
Portal 2 maps
收藏者 GoGoGo!!!YouTube
Карты из Portal 2 созданые мной и моими друзьями или другими людьми с самыми разными задачами и решениями.
Unique concepts
收藏者 KyloX
Maps with unique ideas, concepts, looks or just stunning. In other words, maps that are uncommon in Portal 2.
Fumbly Bumbly's Good Chambers
收藏者 Fumbly Bumbly
A collection of all my good chambers. Not the ones that are mediocre or bad. Kinda like a 'best of' collection but made by a self-deprecating person who is doubtful of their work. Quality decends down the list... sort of. It's hard to rank these so my de
Time Limited Chambers
收藏者 Enderlux
These are very small test chabers with easy puzzles to solve in a short amount of time (about 10 seconds!) except for the fourth one, there you'll have two minutes! Hope you enjoy! http://i.imgur.com/dEgdKvj.png Support me If you
RectorRocks' Logical Tests
收藏者 RectorRocks
Here lies the collection of all of my maps with logical solutions. Logical tests are maps with easy execution but have the solution hidden in plain sight, giving the players a sense of achievement/accomplishment after figuring it out. Does NOT inclu
Inevitable Consequence by Admiral the Kensai
收藏者 Fairfang von Dragon
Created by Admiral (the Kensai) Thank you for all the friendship and support. You can be sure about that we will publish the new versions of "Inevitable Consequence" online as soon as possible. Inevitable Consequence (First Version) > http:/
Suo-operative Testing
收藏者 Suomaf
This set of 7 maps is designed to require more thought to solve them as you advance. These maps were initially created using the in-game editor, and then exported to the Hammer editor for finishing touches.
[COOP] Brainteaser
收藏者 DrFauli
Very difficult logic puzzles which require only thinking with portals. - no extra skills needed; - no fast timing needed; Estimated blindrun playtime is over 45 minutes per map, altough you can solve each of them within 5 to 7 minutes, if you know e
The Unknown
收藏者 KLJF22
The Unknown is my first series in Portal 2 maps.
The Escape Aperture series.
收藏者 >:FrozenDragon:<
The Escape Aperture Series. Escape Aperture is a story about p-body falling down into old aperture and now she must escape the facilities. Can you help her escape? play the maps to find out.
收藏者 Enderlux
https://i.imgur.com/X2wFy4X.png Support me If you like my maps, consider supporting me on patreon: //i.imgur.com/L6zSY4F.png Click here to visit my patreon page! http://i
Demon Arisen's Logic Puzzles
收藏者 Demon Arisen
Are you tired of all the terrible maps on the workshop? Of course you are! Do you long for brain-bending test chambers with excellent design? Of course you do! Do you like fun stuff? Of course you do! Well, guess what? You've come to the right place! I am
收藏者 Skyferret
A 6 part series in Industrial/ Underground/ Reconstruct themes. Each map involves repulsion gel. There is also tractor beams, fizzler fields, light bridges and some portal flinging.
TimeTOdie - Complete Series
收藏者 TimeTOdie
Welcome to the TimeTOdie complete series. In this collection you find all of my test chambers ordered chronological. The difficulty goes from Beginner to Pro. I appreciate comments and constructive feedback on each chamber. There are many laser maps on the
Pneumatic Diversity Tests
收藏者 Nobi-Knobi
In Pneumatic Diversity Tests you start in a brand new Testing-Track just finished and partly under construction. While you are the first testsubject that is exploring the new chambers, you have to make your way through the Pneumatic Diversity Tests, a r
The Chickentests
收藏者 ChickenMobile
Here is the chickentest collection for your enjoyment. Chickentest 3 is very fun. If you don't like the others, make sure you play that one!
Gelocity 1 vs 1
收藏者 Radix
A collection of Portal 2 race maps. The tracks are covered with orange speed gel. Use your portal gun cleverly to trick your opponent and be the first to reach the finish line!
INTO THE MULTIVERSE (an incomplete adventure)
收藏者 Blappeture Executive NO.1
The enrichment centre has worked hard to build the first ever Multiverse Device. However, you are but a mere test subject and are not privy to its sensitive machinery. So it was only natural that when you walked past security and pressed a few buttons when
Gelocity Time Trial
收藏者 Radix
A collection of Portal 2 race maps. The tracks are covered with orange speed gel and your task is to reach the finish line in a limited time.
收藏者 LoneWolf2056
A 7 part series of maps in the destroyed/overgrown style, explore and puzzle in the ruins of the Aperture Laboratories as you try to escape. Puzzles will be of mostly Medium/Hard difficulty, no ninja moves required. It should take around 2-3 hours to compl
Above Aperture
收藏者 La Petite Magicienne
Moonbase Luna-C
收藏者 Catsy
Somewhere in the Multiverse, in another Aperture not too different from ours, an intern working on the Conversion Gel project had a stroke of inspiration: if moon rock is such a great portal conductor, why not open a portal on the Moon and get it ourselves
COSMOGONY - The Complete Collection
收藏者 ~ Drey
Cosmogony is a 6 part map pack taking place during GLaDOS activation in the Enrichment Center. You are some of the few survivors of the neurotoxin disaster and with some help, you try to find a way out of Aperture. The map pack features custom content, a s
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