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very best of
Samling av: WespeTiger
RPGs I want on Steam
Samling av: manafaerie
My Favorite Games
Samling av: bpierce10985
Samling av: ivancou
Best Games
Samling av: jmjovan59
GreenLight Games
Samling av: Arpegius
Games that show promise.
Nice Games
Samling av: YYismyname
Games that I think should be on Steam.
cool games to get behind
Samling av: adam
Opium Pulses Picks
Samling av: SlipSlot
This is a collection of greenlight titles picked by the Opium Pulses gaming community. Our selection is picked based on games from developers who have worked directly with Opium Pulses or personal favourites of members of our community. This list wi...
Samling av: AmonAmar
Samling av: Killers_Lastes
looking good
Samling av: CheekyPelican
these games look good, keep an eye on them
Samling av: wuat
Rogue/Pixel Dungeons
Samling av: Mach 5 Squanch
Rogue likes, pixel dungeons, things like that
BlackBurnova kolekce mega super SWAG růžových her!!!
Samling av: BlackBurn_69
Мамка факела
Samling av: XnView
ну ебать даже эксколатор не поднимет!!
Leading Ladies
Samling av: xalk
Games with female protagonists or optional female playable
My Games!
Samling av: Bryan - Lone Coder
Greenlight Collection
Samling av: 3rr0r
Greenlight Collection
Steam Greenlight Collection
Samling av: dJeAnti
It's my collection.
RoMaN Colection
Samling av: RoMaN
The games you will be having soon
Samling av: Koops128
i created the The games you will be having soon list to showcase only the worthwile games and wait for notch to add minecraft to the concepts page finally. english games only i dont know other countries
Samling av: MadKingdom™
Absolute Gems of the Indie Horror, crazy Puzzles, and Intricate thoughts.
The madness of Horror.
Samling av: Grishkaven
HORROR!!! What's not to like about Horror? And games can do it better than the movies, since you're part of the story. Horror games shouldn't generally mean 'BOO! ARGH! MONSTERS!' They can come in other forms as well. Situations EXAMPLE Wolfenstein...
Greenlight hype!!!!!
Samling av: gab_15_dude
Samling av: Rodd
Samling av: RagingUnicrn
Metcrow coleccion
Samling av: ¿A? IkaDy Rg
cuentas y muchas cosas mas
Luna Shattered Hearts - Omnibus
Samling av: Gillis
Luna Shattered Hearts Episode 1 is currently up on Greenlight. If you like platform RPG that puts you up against challenging enemys and offers a deep story then this series will be for you! Please help us right now by voting this up! The game will...
Steam Greenlıght
Samling av: Nova • Oruçlu Epic Man
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