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A Espera de um Milagre!
Samling av Ka-Du-Oh!
Coleção dedicada aos possiveis novos games do Greenlight no Steam, que realmente sejam bons e divertidos, pois ta dificil.
Unique Gaming
Samling av Snicklebooty
These games are quite unique and they've caught my eye. Hopefully they'll be released, so we can buy them!
Outer Veil
Samling av Sir Blood Buske
U Game Me
Samling av U Game Me
This is a collection of "U Game Me" titles which have been greenlit by the community or awaiting the greenlight.
Christian's Greenlight shit.
Samling av Captain Chrissy
Greenlight Favorites
Samling av 0369
Awesome games that I want to play on steam someday.
Magnolia's swell handpicked greenlight games.
Samling av Mongoloid Santa
Only the bestest of games! Babyshit seal of approval
Games to look foward to!
Samling av ☮✌Cloud☮✌
Upcoming games
Samling av ⚡ Fl1tS ⚡
A list of upcoming games that took my interest.
GreenLight Collection
Samling av sandykon
Отборные проекты Гринлайта!
Samling av 𝓛𝓮𝓷𝔀𝓪𝓓𝓾𝓻𝓪
Mac and Cheese Day
N7 Collection
Samling av Nillson
Samling av Binco
整理用のお気に入りリスト ほぼ完成形の作品を別個で分類
Horror love
Samling av Modesto
Best horror games :3 . Slender series Paranorma, pretty much any scary game
Strategy for Mac
Samling av mcluhan
Strategy games that will work on Mac OS X. Photos used by Bruno Cordioli & Titanas (CC)
Samling av Starglider
Games featuring birds as playable characters.
Games and Free to Play
Je vous est sélectionner toute une liste de jeux qui valent vraiment le coup d'oeil ;)
Must Play Before You Die
Samling av Ởʋα∂ιςђℯ
Lo mejor te lo digo yo
Samling av Arizona
Jeu à suivre!
Must Own!
Samling av Gorloss
The games in GreenLight, that you must own when they are released! :D
Samling av lust
My Cool Collection Of Greenlight Games (Upcoming, Etc...)
Samling av KrypTo 3000
my favorite indie games here on greenlight that i wanted to put together in a collection to make it easier for my friends and others to find the ones that i like easier credit for these games go to their respective creators/developers.
Cool Games
Samling av ☭Comrad Skeletor☭
A list of cool games...
Recommended by PC & Laptop Gamers ~ PC és Laptop játékosok ajánlásával
Samling av HeyJoe[HUN]PC RPG Community
Every games on PC, what`s looks promising. TPS / FPS, etc in fantasy. sci-fi, retro, adventure & in action style as well. Also prefer Single-palyer or Co-op mode instead of Multiplayer/MMO. ;) PS: RPGames not on this list, because I have already an an
Greenlight This Stuff
Samling av GC_Mike G
Since there was an option to pick out these games that wanted to be greenlit onto a list I decided "what the hell?" and make one. There's quite a lot of games up on display but I'm deciding to really pick my list out so I'm not just seemingly favoriting al
my greenlight collection
Samling av nahid
Samling av ✪
Samling av ouija
Title pretty much says it all: puzzle games or games with puzzle elements. All of them have some unique or cool aspect, so just having puzzles won't necessarily get a game on the list. It's arranged alphabetically out of fairness.. Likely that I overloo
Samling av kord202
Сюда я складываю самое желаемое
The Absolute Worst Games On Steam
Samling av Vantablight
These are games that are not only bad, but they are probably made to be satirical. These are games that belong on the iPhone, and then some. These are games dragged out of the sewers of greenlight. Note: Some of these games were chosen for their comed
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