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My Cool Collection Of Greenlight Games (Upcoming, Etc...)
Samling av KrypTo 3000
my favorite indie games here on greenlight that i wanted to put together in a collection to make it easier for my friends and others to find the ones that i like easier credit for these games go to their respective creators/developers.
Samling av coh4fox
falling feeling swinging swimming singing sinking dying diving falling feeling swinging swimming loving leaving pulling pushing singing sinking dying diving loving leaving pulling pushing falling feeling swinging swimming in the cold heat of the pool 😉...
The Deadly Evil
Samling av Śênýõritã dõdo ʚɞ
FPS like Serious Sam
Samling av piotr.pastuszka
Must Own!
Samling av Gorloss
The games in GreenLight, that you must own when they are released! :D
Games that Don't Belong on Steam!
Samling av Sipper Dogger
This is a collection of all games created by censoring, childish devs! Enjoy!
rogue-like & procedurally generated
Samling av アレクサンダ≛ ɻ̊ʒ
old-school, rogue-like & procedurally generated games!
13th mine spill
Samling av CO@BRA_KILL3RS
tank spill
Greenlight This Stuff
Samling av ✪ Skrilla
Since there was an option to pick out these games that wanted to be greenlit onto a list I decided "what the hell?" and make one. There's quite a lot of games up on display but I'm deciding to really pick my list out so I'm not just seemingly favoriting al
Я хочу, чтобы накопить
Samling av Toy Bonnie
Мне нравится, что у меня накопилось.
Дагестанские дагестанцы или избранные проекты
Samling av Nova
Кто не понял, тот поймет. Игры одобренные Аллахом! Только качественный контент!
ReRuf 'z Creations
Samling av ReRuf
Under Construction ReRuf 'z Creations
Samling av ✪ Grizli |
Greenlight Favourites Collection
Samling av Resolute
A collection of the very best in Greenlight projects which I have personally upvoted & favourited and reprsent some of my first choice games. Feel free to browes some of these projects and if you like, upvote them yourselves.
a good game
Samling av A Snail
dinosaur battlegrounds is very very good
Greenlight games
Samling av ][ONLY³][™Sonnolo
Awesome Greenlight Games
Samling av Mercystaff
A Collection of Amazing Greenlight games that look awesome, and i will most likely Buy.
Samling av AST_shadow
Heathen Engineering Games
Samling av Loden DarkStar
Collection of games developed or being developed by Heathen Engineering
MUGEN Battle Collocation
Samling av Inkling BoyLv50
This for all game collocation for all fighter are true all star classic game and future characters.
Torashu's Game Hoard
Samling av Gorgo the Brutal™
Only the best of Greenlight Games are stashed in the Treasury of the Dragon God.
Harvest Moon Inspired Games
Samling av Brian Hudell
List of games Inspired by the Harvest Moon series
Budkai's Favs
Samling av Budkai
Samling av fabiancafe
W tej kolekcji znajdziemy produkty, na które czekam, aż zostaną wydane, aby je przetestować :)
Interesting stuff ...for me at least.
Samling av DevSpark
Just games I think will be interesting.
Games you don't want to miss
Samling av 777eza
Games you really don't want to miss, I mean it.
hzeros greenlight
Samling av Zeros h_z WCG2k11 Korea
Juegos a los que he jugado y recomiendo
Check 'em out!
Samling av StrikerT
These are all pretty much all the games I've been looking into and want to share.
Samling av iamcreasy
My pick within Greenlight
Classic Bit Gaming
Samling av DragonK
A great collection of platformers that both are nostalgic and fresh.
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