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Shenocide's Greenlight Wishlight
Samling av BobbyBaseball
It's my shit.
power to the el sword
Samling av jdennis303
This collection will show the game El sword and how this can be the game ever. you can win k-ching, were you can spend it on cool outfits, weapons, and even pets! you also can do events there is an event every week so you will always have some thing to do
Samling av ✔ lŦlŁαzуSωιρє [тя]
:) :) ;) ASDASD
Greenlight Submissions in Which Comments Are Deleted
Samling av skull_trumpet.gif
Greenlight Submissions in Which Comments Are Deleted
Samling av burningthunder1914
these are games that dont belong on steam and or have bad devs behind them. also Check out some good green light games as well. -Disputed Space -The Nullpoint http://steamcom
Samling av Toy Youtuber
Greenlight 'Em!
Samling av Faele
Some cool games to check out. :)
Top 5 Greenlight Games
Samling av John_Bigless CZ/ENG
The Five Games That I Most Like
The Dude's Top Picks
Samling av Mr. Orange™
These are my picks for quality games that should be added to Steam. Hope you agree!
beat 'em ups
Samling av tuskegeesquardon
a collection of crazy co-op head bashing games
Abzeichen Hunting
Samling av | KRAToS |
Nur fürs Abzeichen
jogos legais
Samling av bonnie_1997#sddsbobmarley
gostei desses jogos
Samling av ♛✟ ραтяι¢к ✟♛
Green Gry
Samling av PozytywnieNastawionyDoŻyciaGimbu
Dobre Gry
Samling av rayzeløø
The collection of Russian maniac
Samling av Comrade Alex
Samling av Welshie
Lots of free MMOs
The Best Kind of Shit.
Samling av TopBadger
A collection of total shit found of the green light.
fuck this
Samling av KaKuyaKaneKi
Samling av Ircha
My Special Trove
Samling av Legend
A collection of greenlight-prospect games. Why not? Afterall... more games = more fun. NOW DRINK THAT DEW!
Samling av Noodle Candy
Samling av LukeBlueFive
A collection of my all-time favorite side-scrollers.
Samling av Yatekko
A collection of MMORPGs I would like to see added to Steam.
Samling av Itano The False Prophet
Ohashi's Approval Seal :3
Samling av Meep Meep
Few random games :3
Avventure grafiche bellissime
Samling av Bluewave256
MMO games
Samling av Airtay
This is just a collection of the games that i want to come to steam, you can browse and hopfuly help them com e too :D i want elsword to come first though
Elsword your life!
Samling av Yuku
Elsword is a fun, side-scroller, action pack anime video game. Jump into the story of Elsword Online through the six starring characters: Elsword, Aisha, Rena, Raven, Eve and Chung- each have thier own story and play styles which branch into three differen
RPG Maker Gameas
Samling av Rey BreadWave I, el Tostado
Juegos que pertenecen a RPG Maker en cualquiera de sus versiones y que tengo la desgracia de ver en Greenlight. Games belonging to RPG Maker in any version and I have the misfortune to see in Greenlight.
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