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Лучшие игры
Samling av Ламборджини
Для игр которых я хочу поиграть!
Samling av tAnK_SkULL
I like to explore different games and naturally I will copy and paste their titles into the youtube sarch bar and see what appears. 9/10 something always turns up and from there my first gut reaction will tell me if its good enough to follow
Soloar's Creative Greenlight Collection
Samling av ⇜SoloarWolv⇜ツ
This is My Most Amazing Greenlite collection the ones that are the best of the best! They are creative and well textured and also well story and visuals. I'm looking for the best of the best! :3
MoonStarGaming Greenlight
Samling av t3az | MoonStarGaming
Good Games worth Playing
Samling av Gearspecs
This here is a collection of Games that I think would other developers like myself learn more.
Samling av RackerH897
cualquiera :v
Samling av gabofenix2
no importa mientras el juego se vea bien lo agrego :v
Epic Games
Samling av Cookie
These are the games that I specifically want, and the ones I think are cool enough to make my list ;)
Samling av ragnarok2055
New Greenlight Gems to look out! This is for Titles yet to come, as well for Titles who have been already released, but are not yet in my Steam Collection.
Intressanta Greenlight-spel
Samling av acrylamid
Detta är min personliga samling av intressanta Greenlight spel.
Samling av Сочная киска
D-PAD Delights
Samling av Zelmaricaroid™
Platforming, RPG, Fighting, Metroidvania... All different genres, all 2D and best played with your trusty d-pad! SLS pad not included. :D
Examples of games that SHOULD be greenlit
Samling av Dr. Face || Kaosz
Here is a list of games that (in my opinion) deserve to be greenlit over the piles of shit that exist.
Hovac One YouTuber Great Games Must Play NOW!!!
Samling av 😈 𝐇𝐨𝐯𝐚𝐜 😇
These games in this collection I would love to play them ASAP and upload my gameplay to my YouTube channel will give my channel a type of uniqueness that a lot of viewers and gamers would love to see me play ...See My Youtube gaming channel and u wil
Samling av rversloot
A fun collection of interesting finds
Samling av Entropy
all the things i would love playing
Georgia Games
Samling av hdiandrew
Georgia has the seventh largest game development community in the country, producing numerous innovative games. Support the developers' creations through this collection, and join us at SIEGE ( in October.
Games with potential.
Samling av Pogboom💣
IDK I'm 13.
Fun Nucky Serveur
Samling av Nucky λ
Fun Nucky ServeurFun Nucky ServeurFun Nucky ServeurFun Nucky ServeurFun Nucky ServeurFun Nucky ServeurFun Nucky ServeurFun Nucky ServeurFun Nucky ServeurFun Nucky ServeurFun Nucky ServeurFun Nucky ServeurFun Nucky ServeurFun Nucky ServeurFun Nucky ServeurF
VC's Most Anticipated Greenlight Games
Samling av poong
Here is where I put the Greenlight games that I believe stand out of the crowd. Who knows, you may find something that interests you here as well! -DISCLAIMER- This list is made up entirely based on my opinion on what games I want to see on Steam. This
Ye Boi
Samling av Elljoda | M ❤ IM HIGH
VR Community titles
Samling av Ilosthegame
Titles in progress that I've demo'd, talked to the devs, or otherwise support their initiative
Good Greenlight games
Samling av Benneth II
Action/creative games will go into here. None of these will be anime or bad/stupid/innapropriate games.
Samling av Disco Duck
Fun games
Samling av The_Dutch_Wookie
Test collection of what i rate decent up and comers
Interesting & Good
Samling av [TFK] RabbidRabbits
These games are upcoming and well done, interesting in their own ways and have alot of opportunity.
My Colection
Samling av DEDELCirilo
Cool games
Samling av Enurriel #=_-#
O12Smile Collection
Samling av O12Smile@YouTube
Ultra-Righteous Greenlight Games I Can't Wait to Own On Steam
Samling av SGTBarbie
Just a bunch of games I'd like to see get Greenlit.
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