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World of Dark Witcher
Colección creada por Kabal
CRISTIAN1ELITE | Steam Greenlight ™
Colección creada por CRISTIAN1ELITE™Founder To RBEC
We have here what games i want to be released for Steam! By:#CRISTIAN1ELITE
Amazing greenlight games (A must look!)
Colección creada por Sean bean™
The best and good looking games on the greenlight to-date!! Games what need backing the most! Updates everyday Feel like I've missed a good game? Post in the comments! Listing (Top, Fav that needs putting on the store!) Want me to consider/ play...
P's Peeing Peas
Colección creada por P
Deep games with great atmosphere and visuals.
Colección creada por woeiskuka
proudlarry digs through obscura
Colección creada por proudlarry
A list of games roting in obscurity while "fantastic titles" like Grand Theft Pizza Delivery have somehow been greenlit. This includes games with unfairly assigned low-scores, games with terrible branding images/ posted artwork that have potential, gam...
Leadwerks Games on Steam
Colección creada por Leadwerks Software
Here are some of the games people are making with Leadwerks Game Engine.
Supporting the Creators
Colección creada por Bibliotek
FPS and Roleplaying blended together. Atmospheric soundtracks, compelling narrative, beautiful graphics, and new twists on old themes.
Real Life Simualtions
Colección creada por Wohlever
Simulations/mods that simulate real life, physics or behaviour. For those who want there games to be as real as possible, here is my selection of those games or mods that do so.
La sélection RPG France
Colección creada por Batman
RPG France est un site français spécialisé dans les RPG occidentaux sur PC Windows et consoles dernières générations, dans leur globalité, que se soit dans un univers médiéval fantastique, futuriste et/ou contemporain. Retrouvez toutes les inform...
games i whont :P
Colección creada por love you em <33 pussy wizzard
vet inte ser uta att funka endå dom andra ser ju skit dåliga ut :/
IGDA Sydney
Colección creada por Red Knight Games
A collection of all games submitted by developers belonging to the International Game Developers Association group of Sydney
Promising Linux Greenlight Games
Colección creada por Brian [Linux]
Kijib's Awesomesauce Picks
Colección creada por kijib
The most awesomesauce games of Greenlight! Help make Steam better and vote for these games!
Five Nights at Freddy's (Fan)
Colección creada por § PlushTrap §
I want this!
Colección creada por guarlord
That kind of awesome stuff..
Strategy Games
Colección creada por Leszek of Wastelands Interactive
Thsi is a collection of strategy games currently on Greenlight
Me wants ;)
Colección creada por Phobos_s
Colección creada por PoC
Japanese themed games
Colección creada por maldar
Games and other items that have a Japanese Theme.
Sci-Fi Strategy
Colección creada por Khayron
Strategy based on Sci-fi themes/universes
Colección creada por ayo
Böngéssz a játéknapló kedvenceiből!
Outlast 3
Colección creada por Büşra
Bu İlk Denemem Ve Çok Güzel Çok Çekici Eğlendirici Olmasını Sağlamaya Çalışıcam Sizi Eğlendiricem Merak Etmeyin :)
BMX The Game !
Colección creada por m!am.
my greenlight collection which i cant wait to come out/be accepted
Colección creada por Toad™
Ludum Dare & Friends!
Colección creada por shinD
Games originating from the Ludum Dare 48h game making compo!
Colección creada por CAKAL
Oyun Hakkında Açıklama. Oyun ana karekteri Beyazıt eşi ve kızını kaybetikkten sonra ormanda yaşamaya başlıyor fakat ormanda bir süre kaldıktan sonra ormanda sesler duymaya başlıyor ve bazende bazı cisimler görüyor ve ormandan kaçma...
Lina's Picks
Colección creada por ◕ ‿ ◕ Lina
A few items out of my favourites that looked promising/interesting/cute.
Colección creada por ironman883
Los mejores juegos de zombies
High Potential
Colección creada por Audiovore
Games that I think are considerably interesting and show significant promise.
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