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Games like minecraft - Sandbox/survival
Colección creada por: C4Chaos42
A collection of games that look, feel and/or handle like minecraft. Link to some non-steam games included here: (Link contributed to collection by Samm)
Prominent first person horror games
Colección creada por: Princess Hazelnut
I'll be listing my absolute personal favourites of the upcoming first person horror and survival horror games that are displayed on Steam's Greenlight.
Retro collection!
Colección creada por: Martan
My collection of awesome retro games
Polskie Gry Niezależne
Colección creada por: 1ndie World Crew
Pomóż polskim produkcjom na Steam! Obecność na Steamie dla niezależnych deweloperów bardzo często niezbędna do odniesienia sukcesu. Zachęcamy Was do wspomagania małych rodzimych twórców swoimi głosami. Chcemy Waszymi głosami wspomóc r...
Top 50
Colección creada por: netsabes
Best of Steam Greenlight.
Top 3 Racing / Driving Games
Colección creada por: freecard
These are my top 3 racing / driving games on Greenlight as of now. I will continue editing the collection once new driving games are submitted.
Survival Instinct
Colección creada por: Worldatwar
This is a collection of a few very promising survival and simulation games that I have been following for some time. These are games that have aspects in them that many games could do to incorporate. The games listed range from full on survival simulation...
Green Light Bundle #1
Colección creada por: Faalagorn
Games that were included in the Green Light Bundle - More info: - Not on Greenlight: Samurai II: Vengeance -
Platformers, Puzzles and Anything inbetween: Danaroth's picks
Colección creada por: Danaroth
The most professional-looking, most hardcore or most original games in platforming and puzzle category, hybrids included. The list is sorted following loosely my personal preference (top to bottom). I hope you enjoy the picks. It mostly focuses on: - ...
Gordon approves
Colección creada por: Gordon
Gordon approves These are my personally approved game or as you could say, all games I would purchase. Have fun!
Web Development
Colección creada por: snh
Web design and development tools.
Ion Industries Corporation - Colection Games -
Colección creada por: Flynn
Все самое лучшее для лучших...
Coleccion De Sub-Zero :D
Colección creada por: EL M4T4D0R! Spy [ARG]
:D Mi Coleccion :D
Venus Patrol Recommends
Colección creada por: brandonnn
Greenlight recommendations from Venus Patrol, coming (very) soon to
SgtConti's Top Pick
Colección creada por: SgtConti
This is my Collection of the Best Greenlight games. This collection is aimed at showing you guys, the games that REALLY need to be on Steam.
Pixel Games
Colección creada por: [UBËR]
Some of the kewlest looking upcoming Pixel games on greenlight
Games for your brain!
Colección creada por: JanKavan
This collection is a reminder that there's this weird gray thing in our head. My condition was, that the selected games must require something more than mere fast reflexes. Also I will be updating this collection as soon as I trip over anything interestin...
Colección creada por: TheGarcho
Colección creada por: papachaseo92
Cool Robot Games
Colección creada por: PixelThePyro
Games that have awesome robots in them. All games in here have my full support and i hope to welcome them to Steam!
RPG Maker
Colección creada por: pd' Esgalhador
RPG Maker is a program that allows users to create their own (RPG) role-playing video games. A popular tool around the world, that helps from beginners to experienced to easily develop an enjoyable game. Despite the majority use it just as a hobby, result...
Games to Purchase
Colección creada por: Rikudou Sage le migliori avventure su Greenlight
Colección creada por: Saul Goodman
Le migliori avventure presenti su Steam Greenlight, selezionate dalla community e dallo staff di! Se vuoi contribuire alla selezione, inviaci i titoli che vorresti vedere nella nostra collezione attraverso il nostro forum o a...
Colección creada por: Gio2186K [TK]
Games Greenlight
Rampant Coyote's Best Indie RPGs
Colección creada por: RampantCoyote
Some of the best or most promising RPGs in the indie universe. Some are just the best at what they do, others are so unique and original that they made us take notice. Either way, they are well worth checking out.
Colección creada por: roundcrisis
Generals Indie Collections of Urgency
Colección creada por: General Chaøs™
These all games I have interest in and think will bring good things to steam.Released games will remain so to check new entries just look at the announcements history.Some people like to look through greenlight collections for games they might want to buy...
Diabolarius' Great Interests
Colección creada por: diabolarius
What the Dude loves.
Working Titles
Colección creada por: stricmp
This collection is a list of games, mods, or any contents I am working on and perhaps also a list of games I voted for to show some supports, or yet maybe just listing yet another collections :p Although I am currently busy working on DreadOut, I do ho...
Shaundi's Greenlight Collection
Colección creada por: Shaundi
Bests of the bests :D
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