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City Builders
收藏者: Nomad
I remember playing Sim City and then Caesar 3. The allure of building up your city is the best way to spend a lazy sunday afternoon. This collection is about all the city building games - God knows there aren't enough of these around.
Ma liste
收藏者: Hunter RyDeR
je présent ma liste elle est pas parfait ces normal elle est pas fait pour alor pas d insulte s il vous plait
Building Better Games
收藏者: Bibliotek
FPS and Roleplaying blended together.
Must have
收藏者: Greggho
收藏者: Battousai
keep walking... collection!
Something a little different
收藏者: Hornet Cup
A collection of games from dev's that obviously are a labour of love, and are not clones or sequel's of retail games. This is what Greenlight is all about.
收藏者: papachaseo92
Renato's Collection
收藏者: Renato Lopez
A colletion of my favorite games on greelight that I have played or I want to play. Video of trailer: The Universim Best joke game award: Rock Simulator 2014 Really recommended games: Underhell; Lemma Unturned; The Stanley Parable; Portal stor...
收藏者: Biokon
Pat's list of games that are awesome...
收藏者: Storm Pat
Awesome games that should be voted up. If you dont like them Nick Saban will eat soul.
收藏者: [MoD] - Crytek@MS
Alles an Games das was geniales an sich hatt
Я б сыграл...
收藏者: Shurik Freeman
Здесь находятся те невыпущенные игры, в которые я с удоволствием поиграл бы.
still alive
收藏者: Ракета
zoombi surviver horror
Games Speci Is Interested Or Plays
收藏者: Speci The Doomeon
Just Some Things Me,Speci,Leader Of Argoth,Is Interested In Or Games I Play For Example...I Play Dino-Run SE So I Have It On My Collection! I MAY Or May Not Make Mods,It Depends If I Get Enough Ratings And Follows. I Am Working On A Suprise Thoug...
收藏者: Kettenmorder
ERIE (Greenlight)
收藏者: Ray The Wolf Games
Please make sure to greenlight ERIE thank you! Erie drops you into a visually stunning, yet terrifying scenario where your goals are to investigate, survive, and finally escape. It’s first person horror meets intense dark-ride with hidden, rotting ca...
Juegos que compraria
收藏者: yeremy99
收藏者: markis.landry
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